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Media Matters Complains That CBS Allowed Catherine Herridge To Report On ‘Fake, Republican-driven scandal’ Over Hunter’s Laptop

Media Matters for America, a radical leftist fringe organization founded and run by David Brock, who used to be a conservative, seems unusually upset with CBS News for allowing what they point out as “a former Fox News reporter” to report a story on the Hunter Biden laptop. Media Matters is throwing a hissy fit because of Fox News Derangement Syndrome (FNDS) to take the focus off the fact that the Washington Post, Politico, and the New York Times, after lying about Hunter Biden’s laptop being a story of Russian disinformation, were finally given the go ahead by their masters to admit that the emails found on Hunter’s laptop are authentic.

Could it be that the Great Reset cabal has finally had enough of Joe Biden and they want him gone? Is that why the Fake News outlets are finally coming clean even though they more than likely knew the emails were real all along? I mean, what’s changed since the time they tried to debunk the claim as Russian disinformation other than Biden is now in office?

Media Matters took to social media to throw a tantrum about CBS reporter Catherine Herridge promoting a “fake, Republican-driven scandal” concerning the emails. They tried to use a typical leftist ploy by saying that the scandal shouldn’t be taken seriously because the timeline is from when Joe Biden “wasn’t even in office.”

Leftist organizations always forget that the Internet is forever. Here’s something that Media Matters posted on its website complaining about things that happened before Donald Trump was elected to office. This was found on a page they dedicated to Donald Trump:

Before he was elected president in the 2016 election, Donald Trump had weekly platforms on CNBC’s Squawk Box and Fox News’ Fox & Friends, where he gave political commentary and pushed the birther conspiracy theory. Since he became president, Media Matters and other media organizations have documented thousands of his lies and attacks on the press. Most of his press conference questions and interview appearances are given to sympathetic conservative media organizations such as Fox News and the One America News Network, and he has demonstrated a symbiotic relationship with Fox in which he and the network feed off each other’s comments.

It appears the organization has been whining about Fox for years, so it’s only logical that they would complain about a CBS journalist who used to work at Fox. #EyeRoll

Should conservatives say the same thing about Media Matters since Brock used to be a hitman for Republicans?

Herridge is one of the few investigative journalists left out there that I will read every time she posts a story. She is a fine example of what journalism used to be and should be, who does her level best to get the story right, unlike many of her colleagues in journalism and the exact opposite of Democrat hitmen organizations like Media Matters.

Is Media Matters still pushing the Russian disinformation theory? Is that what’s going on?

According to Media Matters’ Eric Kleefeld:

On Thursday, CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge vividly illustrated how to be a mouthpiece for fake Republican outrage and contribute to the fabrication of a political scandal, all while missing obvious indicators of just how baseless the latest accusations against President Joe Biden’s family have been.

In a news segment on CBS Mornings, Herridge highlighted the ongoing attempts by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to investigate business dealings by President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and the president’s brother James. Previously, Herridge helped to promote Grassley’s efforts during the 2020 election to smear the Bidens in relation to Hunter’s business ventures during his father’s time in office as vice president. (Herridge actually exaggerated those allegations further, going beyond the statements that even Senate Republicans were willing to make at the time.)

Here is a CBS piece on Herridge’s story.


With the damning information found in the emails, along with federal investigations on the Bidens, and the knowledge that the Biden crime family was involved in shady deals with the communist Chinese government for very lucrative sums of money, is that not worth reporting on the story? Media Matters thinks it’s not.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sharon Laffs

    April 8, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    That same evil lawyer is going after all attorneys who represented President Trump to bully them. See Defending the Republic for more information, Will. Such an upside down world we’ve been in for a while, but now it is shockingly out in the open! Pray for each other, but hold the line. This is way passed red or blue and is a World issue at this point.

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