In a year where chaos, fear and hopelessness have become ingrained in our daily lives, Pope Francis has taken initiative to provide courage, unity and hope to people across the globe.


The Pope’s new book, Let Us Dream, is a compilation of the Pope’s thoughts on how the world can move forward and heal better than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit full swing. The Pope discussed topics such as the toppling of statues in an attempt to rewrite history, abortion, persecuted religious minorities, and other topics and his thoughts on how to address them.

This is wonderful action on the part of the Pope. One of the most prominent religious figures in the world has written a book providing biblical and practical advice on how the world can move forward and unite after all the trials we have faced. While it certainly will not be the magic cure for all the evil in the world, it is a welcome step in the right direction.

However, the NBC Today show’s Anne Thompson went on air on Tuesday and part of her segment in an attempt to twist the Pope’s novel about hope and reconciliation into an anti-Trump and pro-social justice manifesto.

Thompson spoke with British author Austen Ivereigh, the Pope’s collaborator for the book, about the Pope’s thoughts on the issues contained in the book. However, she asked questions that specifically asked if the Pope opposed Trump’s policies on climate change and whether or not the Pope supported the Black Lives Matter movement. Ivereigh diverted from giving too much credence to the questions and tried to keep the dialogue focused on what the book contained.

While it is old news that the Left often attempts to manipulate any bit of news to fit the narrative they want to push, this is an exceptionally discouraging event.

The world has experienced a level of division and chaos not seen in quite some time. We need healing and solutions to our division more so than ever, and we can not afford to twist them into narratives that fit a certain political agenda. However, the left seems intent on sowing more discord in an order to gain power and to control the narrative about the world.

It is sad to see that they are squashing hope and solutions with their actions. Hopefully, the Pope’s message will continue to spread, regardless of how much the media tries to distort it.