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McConnell: ‘I don’t think there will be any Republican support’ for the $4.1 trillion Democrat Infrastructure Bill

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says President Joe Biden can expect “zero” support from Senate Republicans to sign on to the administration’s $4 trillion beast of an infrastructure package. McConnell said it’s too expensive and has “a whole lot of other stuff” in it beyond its implied purpose. But McConnell allowed such pork-laden bills to go through when he held the majority.

And what will he do when the Democrats say it’s racist to oppose the bill and that only white supremacists would do so? The Democrats would have made the Immaculate Conception about race if it would have helped them politically.

On Monday, during a press conference in Kentucky, the senate GOP leader said, “I think it’s worth talking about but I don’t think there will be any Republican support… none, zero… for the $4.1 trillion grab bag which has infrastructure in it but a whole lot of other stuff.”

Biden suggested breaking up the bailout and liberal goodies package into two, because he thinks the American people are stupid and will believe that two packages at $2 trillion apiece are less wasteful than one package at $4 trillion. They are considering a family package of $1.8 trillion and a $23 trillion jobs package, which you know will create hardly any jobs because the money is probably going to be given to states who will use it to bail out their mismanagement again. How is this any different from Barack Obama’s first stimulus bill, where there were supposed to be shovel-ready jobs that never came to fruition? Going into this thing knowing that it’s all a load of bullschtein.

“We’re open to doing a roughly $600 billion package, which deals with what all of us agree is infrastructure,” McConnell said. “If it’s going to be about infrastructure, let’s make it about infrastructure.”

Knowing that the American people are growing weary of one massive spending bill after another, some Senate Democrats are coming up with crafty ways to stretch the bullschtein by expanding their definition of what infrastructure is. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) took to social media and tweeted that child care, paid leave, and caregiving are all considered the same as building and repairing roads and bridges and transportation and things of that nature.

Ben Shapiro clarified the Democrat meaning of “infrastructure” in a response to the New York senator’s bizarre redefining of a word that most Americans already know the meaning.

A popular conservative that goes by the handle Catturd chimed in as well.

Avowed democratic socialist (a.k.a. the commie) Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have both driveled gibberish nonsense that the country needs to address “human infrastructure.”

Well, the Emperor has no clothes! There is no such thing as human infrastructure to have money allocated as if it’s building roads and bridges. The Emperor is buck naked! Folks, we have to start calling these Democrats out on the carpet for the ridiculous ideas they have. If we don’t, we’re going to go bankrupt even faster than we thought. They are going to come up with all kinds of ways to spend more of your money that you haven’t even paid yet in taxes if we don’t stop them now.

The Hill reported that “a group of Senate Republicans, led by Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), have proposed a $568 billion package,” mentioning that “Biden and Capito talked late last week, both expressing an interest to keep negotiating and potentially setting up another White House meeting.”

However, Democrats and Republicans are still too far apart on an amount they’re willing to sign off on for the package, which means the race card will soon be used. NBC News is reporting that some of the Democrats are losing patience and are about to throw out the bipartisan sentiment, which no doubt they went along with just to able to share some of the blame with Republicans.

NBC reported, “There is a sense of urgency among Biden and his allies, who feel they have a limited window to pass any legislation before members focus on the midterm elections, in which Democrats could lose one or both chambers of Congress.”

The Senate Democrats could get behind Biden’s plan by putting the package through reconciliation for a simple majority. If it goes 50-50 they have Harris to break the tie.



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