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McCarthy Says Democrats Crashed Economy Causing Most Americans to Lose Up To a Month’s Pay Calling it ‘The Pelosi Pay Cut’ [VIDEO]

The #PelosiPayCut is screwing us all.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) blasted the Democrat’s spending bill(s) because they led to the skyrocketing inflation that is shrinking the paychecks of Americans. When you can buy less with the same earnings, that’s a big hit on you and your family. But the Democrats don’t seem to care. They’re likely to have a fabulous dinner every night, no matter how much they screw up things for us.

McCarthy made an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” where he argued that Biden’s actions that downsized our energy sector along with spending $1.9 trillion on his American Rescue Plan Act, that didn’t rescue the economy but did the exact opposite, is the main reason why we are being hit with high inflation right now.

Inflation hit 9.1% in June and it’s not done rising.

I believe the numbskulls of the Biden administration have gone so far down the spending rabbit hole and enacted so many insane economic and energy policies that we’re going to see the high inflation numbers here for a long time. And they don’t seem to be up for doing anything to stop it.

It’s like there were multiple planned phases with this administration:

First, they told us that there simply was no inflation. We were all making it up, even though, unlike most of the ideologues and professional politicians in the Biden administration, we ourselves do the grocery shopping each week and we see the effects of inflation first hand.

Next, the Biden administration acknowledged there was inflation, but they told us it was transitory. It was only a temporary thing, you peasants.

Then, the effects of rising gas prices at the pump hit, and the lefties in the administration figured that was a good time to blame it all, gas prices and inflation, on Vladimir Putin.

Then, last month, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that she was wrong about inflation. Yet she still has a job.


Mind you, Yellen was the Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Bank prior to becoming the Treasury Secretary, and she was out there getting paid over $7 million giving speeches about the economy, so how can she now claim she was wrong “about the path that inflation would take?” But even then, she blamed “unanticipated” shocks to the economy, like supply chain issues, and gas prices, that she didn’t fully understand.

If we had to pick a single person among all the clown car actors in the Biden administration who should have anticipated all of these things that led to the mess we are in today, who was behind policies that killed our economy, it would be Janet Yellen.

The really sick part is every time we hear another Biden flack tell us that things going so bad has nothing to do with them makes people angry because there isn’t a person in this country with a triple-digit IQ who doesn’t know Joe Biden and his administration are directly responsible for the mess that our economy is in right now.

On the one hand, they tell us that gas prices are high because we are in a great transition. They’re talking about the Green New Deal that Biden is putting us through via illegal executive orders and policies because the Democrats couldn’t get it passed through Congress. But then they don’t take credit for it when people complain that their policies caused gas prices to rise, instead blaming Putin for invading Ukraine. Either they are putting us through a transition or it’s Putin. They should pick one lie and stick to it.

I don’t know, maybe they think we’re all really stupid and didn’t notice that gasoline prices were already rising before Putin attacked its neighbor.

“Let’s be honest. The only reason President Biden is going to Saudi Arabia is to beg for them to produce more oil,” the Minority Leader said. “What does that mean? Because he stopped it in America and when he stopped it in America from his very first day, what that meant was American jobs were lost.”

The most frustrating thing to hear Biden say in response to his awful jobs reports is when he lies and insinuates that the Trump administration’s policies cost Americans even more jobs when it was Democrat mayors and governors who shut down businesses, determined who was and who was not “essential,” and locked Americans down in their homes over a virus with a 99% survival rate. They are still pushing vaccines, now on 6-month-olds. Can you believe the government told Americans they were not essential?

“We’re going to pay more for gasoline. But it goes more than just the gasoline. It goes into our asphalt, into the buttons in our shirts, into our phones. It’s almost in everything that we produce,” McCarthy added.

He’s right because most of the things we use day today are made from oil and when you increase the cost of oil, you increase the cost of everything that is made from oil, and then, it gets even more expensive when the products made from oil have to be shipped to stores by trucks and planes and trains that use gasoline to deliver them. Gasoline is made from oil for those of you who claim to be liberals.

Joe Biden messed with the one thing that could take us down faster than any enemy and he won’t accept responsibility for taking down our energy sector.

“But this is what started the rise in inflation. And then what even Steve Rattner says is the original sin, the American Rescue Plan, that $1.9 trillion that only passed because Democrats control the House, Senate and White House. It was only Democrats that pushed that through. And now with the latest inflation numbers, if you have a constant paycheck for the last year, you have now just worked more than a month for free. That’s what they took from you. That was the Pelosi pay cut,” the next House Speaker concluded.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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