Meghan McCain says she has a hard time calling herself a Republican as long as Donald Trump is president.

Plenty of people question whether Meghan McCain was ever a real Republican. So if she is questioning whether she is a Republican or not I would go ahead and say, you are not a Republican Maeghan. She was on Van Jones show and said,

“she doesn’t know if the party she grew up in will even exist by the time Trump leaves the White House. ”

While I agree the Republican party has many improvements to make, I don’t think President Trump is the problem. I think that the spineless conservatives in office are the problem. President Trump has a heck of a fight against the establishment. And in order to accomplish what he needs to accomplish the needs the party to rally behind him.

UAF Contributor: Marie Penetranti

Source: McCain Has Hard Time Calling Herself Republican | News Talk 550 KFYI