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‘May He Rest In Peace’: Trump Mocks Brian Stelter After CNN Fires Squeaky Voiced Host

This week the left wing network CNN fired Brian Stelter, who hosted the network’s flagship “Reliable Sources” program for nearly a decade and was CNN’s chief media correspondent.

Now, 45th President Donald Trump is weighing in on the network’s loss.

Stelter was unceremoniously fired on Thursday, with the left wing pundit apparently being told his time at the network was over after filming a segment.

In a statement, Stelter called hosting the show “a rare privilege” and promised to offer more information on his last Sunday broadcast, which will be the last episode before Stelter and the show’s entire crew loses their paycheck.

Trump chimed in yesterday on his purpose-built social media app, Truth Social.

“Brian Stelter of Fake News CNN got fired because he lied, and lied, and lied – ABOUT ME,” wrote Trump. “May he REST IN PEACE!”

Trump's Truth Social Truth
Truth Social

Rumors that Stelter’s time at the network may be drawing to a close were first sparked when the left-wing cable network became part of the Discovery family of companies following a merger that completed in April of this year.

The new owners reportedly seek to make CNN less hyper-partisan, and longtime host Chris Cuomo and CNN boss Jeff Zucker – who Stelter was famously loyal to – both left in the days leading up to and after the merger was completed.

While Stelter appears to have generally kept his cool despite Twitter critics mocking his show’s cancellation, he has deleted at least one tweet on the topic.

“The future is uncertain… so ideas are welcome,” wrote one soon-to-be-unemployed staffer for the canceled show. Twitter user Andrew Rivers replied, “Maybe try to do something productive for humanity?”

Stelter, in a now-deleted tweet, chimed in: “Maybe back off and delete your hateful tweet.”

While most obituaries for Stelter’s show tend to focus on the braveness required to attack Trump – something so brave that virtually every cable host has done it every day for seven years – it’s worth remembering at least one of Stelter’s less impressive moments.

He genuinely thought that disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti, who is currently serving a prison sentence while waiting for his next criminal trial to conclude, could become the next President of the United States.

Specifically, Stelter seemed to believe that Avenatti’s appearances on shows like his would fuel his presidential ambitions.

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