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Maxine Waters Obstructs Senator’s Inquiry Into Cyber-Security for Vaccine Safety at Fauci Hearing

Republican Rep.Jackie Walorski from Indiana who is a member of the House coronavirus committee, had an interesting exchange with radical far-left Democrat Maxine Waters on Friday over the discussion on the importance of investigating the cybersecurity surrounding the safety and protection of the research and development for a Coronavirus vaccine. 

The hearing with Dr. Fauci was to address concerns of safe vaccines.

Walorski correctly brought up the concerns of Americans, including the Donald J. Trump administration, over the persistence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  to both mislead America about the virus that started in their country, as well as the CCP’s continuous plots to hack into and steal intellectual property, including vaccine and other medical information.

Republican Senator Jim Jordan had forewarned about the political nature of the House Committee, with radical left Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn, talking about his concerns of the radical and Anti-Trump schemes of the Democrat committee members.


At the hearing Friday, conveniently when a Republican was speaking,Rep Jim Clyburn the sitting chairman, had taken a leave from the hearing, replacing himself with rabid Anti-Trump advocate Rep. Maxine Waters from California. .

Walorski then raised the concerns of future cyber hacking by the Chinese on vaccine safety to Dr. Fauci, reminding him of the recent indictments of two Chinese hackers, who had just seconds before admitted China was nefarious to the United States, but he took the opportunity to diminish the CCP’s hacking history saying it was no big deal because the US makes information public.

Walorski then asked for the Committee Chairman’s commitment to investigate the loss of security over Vaccine safety and Waters tersely said no such thing could happen because the Chairman was not present.

Convenient for the Chinese Communist Party.

Walorski asks Dr. Fauci, “The one question I have and I believe the one question the American people have is , do you believe that China covered up the origins of the Crisis? Do you think the Chinese covered things up at the beginning of the pandemic as we saw it?”

Fauci responded,” from conversations we had from early one- we thought it was from wet markets and did not spread from a human, and then when it was clear it was from human to human, after a few weeks- that it was high transmittable from human to human it would have been nice to know about that sooner.”

Walorski said, “China is a threat to vaccine research we just indicted two people who were obstructing, hacking, and stealing research, she said. We want a cybersecurity hearing. Can we have a committee to research that important topic? I think we need to investigate. Why can’t we have a hearing in here about cybersecurity?”

Waters responded, This committee is chaired by Rep. Clyburn, and I did not intend in talking about how to run the committee in his absence, you ask him that not me.”

Watch the  exchanges here:


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