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Mattis Op-Ed: Hopes President-Elect Biden Will Remove ‘America First’ From National Security Strategy

"Secretary of Defence James Mattis UK Visit" by usembassylondon is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

On Monday, former Defense Secretary James Mattis wrote in an op-ed that he hopes President-elect Joe Biden will take “America First” out of the national security strategy for his incoming administration.  Mattis was the worst appointment President Donald Trump made.  I call him a traitor, and I don’t use that term lightly.  His problem with Trump was that he wanted to get America involved in more wars, and President Trump refused.  Trump is the Commander-in-Chief, and the decision to go to war is up to Congress, and to prosecute a declaration of war is up to him and not his Secretary of Defense.

Mattis revealed himself as a globalist when he said he wants America First removed from national strategy.  Trump has always said that America First doesn’t mean America alone, rather, it means we take care of American citizens and our national security first, and then help the rest of the world.  That’s nationalism.

The former defense secretary wrote the op-ed, titled “Defense in Depth,” for Foreign Affairs with Kori Schake, who is the director of foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, Jim Ellis, who is a fellow at the Hoover Institution and former commander of US Strategic Command, and Joe Felter, a fellow at the Hoover Institution.  A bigger bunch of globalists you may not find.

“In January, when President Joe Biden and his national security team begin to reevaluate U.S. foreign policy, we hope they will quickly revise the national security strategy to eliminate ‘America first’ from its contents, restoring in its place the commitment to cooperative security that has served the United States so well for decades,” they wrote. “The best strategy for ensuring safety and prosperity is to buttress American military strength with enhanced civilian tools and a restored network of solid alliances – both necessary to achieving defense in depth.”

They are lunatics.  While Trump was nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes for ending long-time conflicts, these cretins want to go back to the days of showing military strength instead of peaceful cooperation economically to bring bad actors to heel.

These four morons of the apocalypse say that the US is currently “undermining the foundations of an international order manifestly advantageous to US interests, reflecting a basic ignorance of the extent to which both robust alliances and international institutions provide vital strategic depth.”

In other words, rather than work differences out by negotiating economic deals that are advantageous to both America and an adversary, while still maintaining a watchful eye, Mattis and company want to go back to the days of America being the world’s cop.  It just pisses other countries off.

“In practice, ‘America first’ has meant ‘America alone,’” they wrote. They say this even though Trump has always specifically said that’s not the case, and they cannot point to a single issue where it has been the case.

“That has damaged the country’s ability to address problems before they reach U.S. territory and has thus compounded the danger emergent threats pose.”  This is a lie.  We have not been involved in a new needless war for the last four years and for the first time under a new president in decades.  Until the Chinese virus came along the world was doing much better with the United States being stronger than ever.  Trump rebuilt our military after Obama-Biden let it rot.  Now, Mattis wants to go back to the days of Obama-Biden with the second act guy.

They wrote that people who advocate the Trump administration’s approach “seem to believe that other countries will have no choice but to accede to the United States’ wishes and cooperate on its terms.”  That’s not what America First means at all.  Trump’s approach is you don’t mess with us and we won’t mess with you.  You mess with us and we will destroy you.

It’s funny how Mattis and the other Biden supporters are willing to go back into the Iran nuclear deal, which was never signed by either side, and was never presented to the US Senate for advice and consent, the deal which legally allows Iran to have a nuclear bomb in 15 years when you read the appendix.

Mattis and his ilk negotiate with military might rather than peaceful negotiations, and that’s not really worked out too well for us.

“This is delusion,” they wrote. “Sovereign countries always have choices: to compromise with aggressors, take actions opposed to US interests, opt out of assistance when the United States needs it, or cooperate with one another on activities from which the United States is excluded.”

Isn’t it ironic that globalists believe globalist policies rather than America First policy is what strengthens sovereignty?  They that would join a cabal of globalist countries where our DC swamp makes deals with foreign powers that always end up screwing over the our middle class with loss of jobs.  Though liberals and Democrats always claim to be for the middle class, in reality they hate them, as if evidence in their policy-making.

They added that “assuming otherwise has the result of emboldening adversaries and encouraging tests of the strength of U.S. commitments.”

How much of that happened under Trump, James?  We killed the leaders of ISIS in a very short time, something Obama-Biden didn’t have the will to do.  We killed Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general who was responsible for so many American deaths.

“Not even the United States is strong enough to protect itself on its own,” they continued. “Cooperating with like-minded nations to sustain an international order of mutual security and prosperity is a cost-effective way of securing that help.”

This is an asinine statement that completely misunderstands America First.  Again, it does not mean America alone.  You don’t have to form coalitions when you’re not at war.  America has seen enough war to last the rest of our lives.  We are tired of endless wars that cost us lives and treasure when it’s not needed.  Trump has proven that war is not needed.

Mattis and his co-authors said that “to dismiss U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere as ‘endless’ or ‘forever’ wars – as both President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden do – rather than as support to friendly governments struggling to exert control over their own territory misses the point.”

That kind of thinking cost us thousands of lives and trillions of dollars.

“It is in the United States’ interests to build the capacity of such governments to deal with the threats that concern Americans; that work isn’t quick or linear, but it is an investment in both greater security and stronger relationships and preferable to the United States’ indefinitely having to take care of threats on its own,” they wrote.

We tried that and it never worked.  We all know the definition of insanity.

America First did not alienate the US with her allies.  In fact, we got our allies in line to start paying their fair share for defense protection.  All the way up to Obama-Biden the US has allowed European countries to make us pay the tab for NATO and other defense measures.  We saw things like Germany cutting deals with Russia for oil and gas when we were paying the lion’s share for NATO to protect Germany from Russia.  It was madness, and Trump put an end to it.

Under a Biden-Harris administration we will go back to the days of old where the US gets stuck with a defense bill and war mongers like Mattis will call the shots.  Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy decision for decades, according to Robert Gates.

In fact, many of the Obama-Biden policies that Joe Biden seems to want to go back to will make the US weaker inside and outside.  Our enemies like China and Iran will take advantage of Biden and Harris, who is already in way over her head.

The bottom line here is the Democrats stole this election and everyone knows it, and the American people will pay the price for that theft one way or another.  This is a sad time in our history.

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