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Matt Gaetz Shows America What the ‘Trump’ Populist Movement is About by Pushing Back on the GOP

Matt Gaetz, a Florida US Rep, is keeping President Donald J. Trump’s “America First” alive on Capitol Hill with his Independent messaging about the established and soft Republican Party and how it operates from DC to make friends with the elite, and ignore the American people.

“There are too many people in Republican leadership who will do anything, sell-out anyone, even President Trump,” said Gaetz, to “get in the good graces of corporate America and the woke left,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz is a firebrand of Conservative Populism that catapulted Trump into power with historic support from Americans. Currently, Gaetz’s focus is directly on Liz Cheney’s betrayal, who is crusading against Trump and his supporters.

Cheney is the daughter of Dick Cheney and comes from a family of taxpayer-funded Republicans who have used their elite positions to turn the party and the government to the left, to enable the Democrats to win in places they don’t have the consent of the American people, such as she is doing by supporting the Impeachment of Trump.

Gaetz is a rarity in the halls of government power now, and he is leading a charge to rebuke Cheny for her fraudulent position as a Republican leader.

Gaetz is making a name for himself by sticking to his principles.


“If more than half of our conference expresses their desire to remove her,” Gaetz mused, “will she still fight and stay?”

“The base of the Republican Party is strong,” Gaetz added, “but at the top of the party, our leadership frankly is in shambles. You’ve got McConnell wavering on impeachment, you’ve got Liz Cheney spitting into the eyes of tens of millions of Americans by embracing the language and the arguments of the radical left instead of the America First movement.”

Gaetz, who decided to forsake money from political action committees early in 2020, went on to lambaste “other leaders in our party, totally shaken by the corporate PACs withholding their money from Republicans.”

“You have to see how significant it is when a leader is picked not because they’re the smartest, the most charismatic, or even because they’re the most effective communicator, but because they have the ability to raise tens of millions of dollars of corporate PAC money. But when that money goes away,” Gaetz added, “it becomes apparent that the emperor has no clothes.”

Republican leadership goes against the base, Gaetz said, because winning elections is “less important than being able to raise and direct corporate money.”

Gaetz calls out more than Cheney and PAC money; he is also calling out the media, who use their platforms to propagandize American voters.

Reacting to an AP story, Gaetz calls out the elite government’s power and media to hunt supporters of Trump’s.

Gaetz is keeping the love alive for Trump, and there is a lot of love still. Look for Gaetz to have a national name for coming years.
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cindy

    January 28, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    Thank you Matt,we support you and be donating to you directly.

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