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Attacking Trump

Matt Gaetz: Impeachment ‘Would be Unnecessary,’ ‘Divisive’ and is Only Being Done To Keep the Focus On Trump

"Matt Gaetz" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox Report,” Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) responded to a push by Democrats’ to impeach President Donald Trump over claims that he incited the US Capitol riot that left five dead and many more injured.

What the Democrats, the mainstream news media, and social media tech giants are doing is repulsive.  They have blamed Trump for inciting the riot that took place at the Capitol building last week, but the evidence does not bear that out.  They are claiming Trump is guilty of insurrection.

What insurrection?  Trump said at the rally, “And now you will go peacefully to the Capitol and let your voices be heard.”  That is what the president said.  Trump never said anything to incite violence.  Not one syllable.

The media and social media have SCRUBBED the president’s two videos where he called for peace and asked the rioters to go home.  Facebook and Twitter DELETED his posts asking for calm and peace and to respect law enforcement.

The media have REMOVED all of Trump’s attempts to get control of the situation, a situation he never called for, and at the same time, after deleting all of the exculpatory evidence, they are saying they deleted it because he incited violence.  That is unbearable.

Folks, if they can do this to the president of the United States, wait a couple of years and find out what they can do to you.  This is no joke.  They are lying to you about what the president said.

Gaetz pointed out that Inauguration Day was only 10 days away (January 20) and that “impeachment would be unnecessary.”  He also said impeachment at this stage of the game “would be divisive.”

“This impeachment would be unnecessary, it would be divisive, and it’s only being done because Democrats want to keep the focus on President Trump,” Gaetz advised. “You would think that with just nine, 10 days left in the Trump presidency for this term, you would have Democrats eager to focus on what Joe Biden would be bringing to the country — his exciting picks for the cabinet. But, you see, they have to continue to hold together A very fragile coalition by maintaining the focus on President Trump.”

“Here’s what I expect: They’re going to offer articles of impeachment, they’re going to have a vote this week, and then Nancy Pelosi will merely hold those articles of impeachment so that the Senate continues with their activities and they’re able to maintain the specter of Donald Trump instead of having substantive debate.”

Gates said that Trump’s not going anywhere in response to the rising number of calls for him to resign.

“I spoke with President Trump today,” Gaetz said. “He is not resigning, and he is not leaving the public stage at all. Donald J. Trump remains the inspirational leader of a loving and patriotic movement.”

Wouldn’t you just love to know why these people are so desperate to get Trump out of office before January 20? Did they really think Donald Trump, The Disruptor, would stand down and put up with the bullschtein that they handed him?  After 4 years of non-stop attacks they go and steal the 2020 election from him.  Did they really think he would just accept it and go along?

The progressives are already going after anybody who had anything to do with Trump. We reported that Forbes magazine’s Chief Content Officer put out a 600-word piece on how the people who worked for Trump should never be hired again and he threatened that any businesses who would consider hiring would be considered by Forbes as the same kind of “liars” that Donald Trump was.

These people have gone nuts.

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