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Massachusetts Governor Vetoes Bill To Give Illegal Aliens Right to Driver’s License and Democrats Promise To Override It

Democrats will do anything to win elections.

It is the opinion of millions of Americans that the Democrats are doing their level best to cheat in the upcoming November midterm elections. They know they are going to take a real beating because of how they are running the country and after what they did to us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One such move by Democrats that supports people’s concerns for election integrity is when on Friday, Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker vetoed a bill that would have allowed illegal aliens the right to get a driver’s license, and the Democrat-controlled Massachusetts legislature promised it would override the veto despite the governor’s warnings about the bill.

Both houses in the state’s legislature passed the bill with devastating margins. The House vote was 120 – 36, and the Senate passed it 32 – 8.

The Democrats either pushed this bill to take advantage of the Motor Voter laws that have helped illegal aliens register to vote in many states over the years since the Democrats created the law under the Clinton administration, or they want to use illegals to vote without registering by using the name of a dead person or a voter who moved out of the state for their license to guarantee they can vote in the midterms.

Baker vetoed the bill regardless of how many Democrats voted for it and he issued a statement that should give pause to everyone who voted for the bill:

“I cannot sign this legislation because it requires the Registry of Motor Vehicles to issue state credentials to people without the ability to verify their identity. Consequently, a standard Massachusetts driver’s license will no longer confirm that a person is who they say they are.”

But the Democrats don’t care. They are cheating in the midterm elections early and right in front of our eyes. There is no other credible reason for allowing illegal aliens not only to live in the state but to give them a driver’s license only months before a very important election.

Democratic House Speaker Ron Mariano couldn’t have cared less about this indisputable fact, and said, ” In addition to increasing safety on our roads for all drivers, this legislation recognizes the essential role our immigrant neighbors play in our society and economy by ensuring that everyone has access to a driver’s license.” How does giving illegal aliens a driver’s license increase safety on our roads for all drivers?

Notice he said “immigrant neighbors” and not “illegal immigrant neighbors.” Democrats are now making the argument that illegal aliens, who have no right to be here in the first place, are no different from citizens because they live and work here.

Mariano promised an override of the veto, which is scheduled to take place on June 8th. Make no mistake about it. The Democrats in Massachusetts just voted to make US citizenship worthless by recognizing illegal aliens who do not belong here.

The Massachusetts Attorney General should go into action and charge every illegal alien who registers to vote using that freshly-minted driver’s license, but don’t count on it, because the AG, Maura Healey, is a Democrat and is probably in on the election fraud taking place.

Baker has a 74% approval rating, which means he has to be a RINO in Massachusetts for that kind of approval rating. It makes him the most popular governor in the country. Even so, the Democrats are not listening to him when he tells them what they are doing will cause identity problems down the lines, something the Democrats are counting on.

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