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MASK WARS: Dem Gov. Cuomo Reports he is “Appalled” by Large Group Enjoying a Concert, Silent About Riots

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo posted on Twitter that he was upset about a large group who had gathered in Southhampton for a concert, ending hi silence over large gatherings, seeming to favor violent uprisings and criminal acts to dancing to music played by a DJ.

In the post, which went viral with over 8 Million views, a large group of people are seen dancing. Cuomo has called for a Department of Health investigation into infractions on Mask usage and Social Distancing.

Cuomo takes the opportunity to shame the crowd over their rebellion, and calls the dancing “Reckless endangerment of public health”:

He also went on a tirade on Twitter about people using masks:

“No one has the right to endanger the health of store employees or other customers,”, Cuomo.

Apparently looting, shooting, and arson are not health concerns for Cuomo.

No response from Cuomo about this:

No response or Health Department Investigation about this:

Nothing from the Gov about this:

Cuomo is a radical left member of the Democrat party who, along with their allies in the Media,  are claiming that peaceful Americans without masks are “intolerable”, “reckless” and “harming people with their lack of caring”, while also claiming that the violent and criminal uprisings are “peaceful”.

The Democrats are very, very serious about Masks and Social Distancing and not “holding yourself out as not caring”, about masks, as seen in this video of US House member Jerry Nadler at a House hearing Tuesday.

You will care, or be made to care about masks and other stuff too…



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