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Non Patriotism in America

Marxist Teachers Are Targeting Your Kids

"fake marriage marxism" by DavidHilton1 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I think I may start a thing called “The Radical of the Week” where I highlight different Woke Supremacists who are trying to subvert our society by bringing in Marxism at every level.  I already have a candidate.

A man by the name of Bryan Proffitt runs the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), a teachers union with $8 million in revenues from 43,000 members.

from 2004 to 2015 Proffitt was President of the Durham Association of Educators and taught through the same period.  He was a finalist for Teacher of the Year for Durham Public Schools.  Sounds like someone you want teaching your kids, right?  Think again.

When not in a classroom Proffitt is strongly committed to fighting for the Woke Supremacy to push for socialism in the United States.  That’s right, a candidate for the Teacher of the Year Award is a commie.

“We are revolutionary socialists in the U.S. dedicated to fighting for a social system where social wealth is not in the hands of a few billionaires but is controlled by the people,” Proffitt’s Liberation Road says on the website.

Under the heading “THE MAIN POLITICAL REPORT (2019-2020)” the organization defines what they’re about:

“This document provides our National Executive Committee’s (NEC) national-level analysis of who the friends and enemies of the people are at this moment in time in the US. It’s purpose is to provide a shared understanding and basis for political action as well as to provide clear tools for comrades to make analyses of the balance of forces in their state and local areas at the district level.”

Enemies of the people?  Didn’t characters in the Fake News media tell us that it’s wrong to call Americans the enemy of the people?  At least they did when Donald Trump called them that, but I’ll guarantee you won’t hear a single Fake News phony-baloney reporter come down on Liberation Road for saying it.

And who’s the enemy?  Well, they make it quite clear that it’s Republicans:

“Using the framework of the united front, we identify the New Confederacy—composed of the most reactionary faction of capital and middle strata, rightwing racists, united in the Republican Party—as the main enemy. We use this term to emphasize the fact that the Right in this country is rooted in a racist program and strategy.”

Conservative Republicans spent the last four years championing President Donald Trump’s efforts to lower the unemployment rates for black and Hispanics to the lowest recorded rates ever in our history.  Whenever Trump mentioned it at a rally the crowd went nuts cheering the sentiment.  Conservative Republicans and not Woke Supremamcist Democrats also pushed for and got real prison reform which helps black families more than anyone by reversing the 1993 Crime Bill written by Joe Biden, a Democrat, and signed into law by President Clinton, another Democrat that gave out long prison sentences to black people convicted of non-violent crimes.  Okay, so then how can these nimrods say that Republicans are the racists?

And get this, the group proudly admits that they follow the teachings of the murderous Commie Supremacist Mao Zedong:

“From Mao, the methods of the mass line and the united front — how to learn from the experiences and insights of workers and broad masses to formulate demands and build struggles that are as broad and inclusive as possible yet also really challenge the system; and the insight that the transitional relations of production under the socialist state generate new exploiters who must be prevented from restoring capitalism.”

I submit that Capitalism is the only moral economic system in the world.  Yeah, it’s a brutal system designed for competition, and those that can’t hang start to wet their pants and cry foul when they lose, but Capitalism is based on two sides of a transaction coming together and both sides get what they wanted.  If you go into a corner store and pay $2.49 for a loaf of bread, you walk away happy because you got a loaf of bread to feed your family and the store owner remains happy because he just made a profit by selling you a loaf of bread.   That is a moral system where there is no government corruption work government interference in the transaction outside of possible taxes in states that tax for food. Socialism on the other hand is based on government manipulation of markets 2 in force an outcome that the woke supremacy believes would be just and their decisions usually create a disaster for those involved.

“There is also much to learn from the countless fighters who have helped scout the terrain ahead. These include not just Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin and Mao Zedong, but Malcolm X, Ella Baker, Amilcar Cabral, Jose Carlos Mariategui, Antonio Gramsci, Jose Marti, Franz Fanon, Digna Ochoa, Berta Carceres, and many, many more,” the group says.

Proffitt even wrote white papers for the group, asking them to “encourage more young people to participate in the conversation on organization and what we need to build a revolutionary movement.”

In 2008 Proffitt was interviewed for a project called “Heirs to a Fighting Tradition:  Oral Histories of North Carolina Social Justice Activists.”  During the interview, he strongly asserted that “capitalism has to go.”

“I’m a revolutionary because I think that capitalism has to go. We can’t make a nicer, more diverse society without eliminating white supremacy. We’re not going to end violence against women until we end a system called patriarchy that says that men are more valuable than women, and that there are only two boxes of genders and that everybody has to fit into one or the other. We’re not going to reform that. To build a revolutionary party, we’re going to have to reform a lot of that stuff along the way.”

Folks, this guy is but one drop in an ocean of radical Marxists who include teachers, lawyers, doctors, newspaper reporters, Fake News anchors, politicians, Pastors, and a whole host of other people you think are normal but beneath the surface are working to radicalize the United States.  We have a lot of work to do to save our country from crazy people like this.

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