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Marjorie Taylor Greene Lets Progressive Democrats Know What A ‘National Divorce’ Is All About and It’s Priceless

Back in September, I wrote a piece where I argued in favor of a national divorce. My argument came from a Sarah Silverman podcast episode where she talked about the blue and the red breaking up. I had thought for a long time. Liberals and conservatives can live together because they share the same goals and mainly differ in how they achieve them. For example, both liberals and conservatives want clear air and clean water. They just differ on how we get there. Whereas conservatives believe that capitalism helps conquer pollution by inventing things like better filters for smokestacks and cleaner burning fuels, liberals believe we get there through government action. Different solutions for the same goals. Eventually, they work it out.

On the contrary, the progressive left has nothing in common or any shared goals with liberals and conservatives. The progressive answer for clean water and clear air is to allow transgender people to use women’s bathrooms. The progressive answer to stopping crime is to force people to use their personal pronouns. They have nothing in common with us in their bizarro world.

On Thursday, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) stood by her suggestion for a national “divorce” between blue and red states, and for suggesting that Americans who move to red states from blue states like California and New York should have to go through a “cooling-off” period before being allowed to vote. You might find that controversial, but what happens in a lot of cases is Democrats in blue states vote for a lot of the crazy radical progressive policies that are then implemented and eventually cause damage and destruction to the state. They then move to another state because they can no longer live in the state that was destroyed by their voting patterns. The problem is, they’re not smart enough to realize they are the problem and they continue to vote the same way [for Democrats] in the new state until they screw that one up. So, it’s not too controversial to think that the people who vote for things that destroy states and their communities with them should take some time to realize that things are nice the way they are in red states and people don’t want progressives moving in to ruin it for everyone. They should be given time to let the brainwashing of big government leftists fade away so they can see that life can be simpler without government dependence.

Greene responded to a tweet that was a response to another tweet of a man who was moving from San Francisco to Miami. Another man responded to that, saying, “I support actively discriminating against transplants like this through legislation. They shouldn’t be able to vote for a period, and they should have to pay a tax for their sins.”

Greene then replied to that tweet.

Take a look at California. They have a homeless problem there that is out of control by anyone’s standards. The people of California have voted in leaders who allow it to continue. The crime, filth, and economic losses that come from homeless people sleeping on your sidewalk may not be what Democrat voters voted for, but the policies they did vote for, nonetheless created the serious homeless problem in the state.

Another example is when the people of California voted for Proposition 47 that said that merchandise stolen from stores that sum up to less than $950 is a misdemeanor. Criminals realize they probably won’t spend a night in jail for a misdemeanor, so they have taken to going into stores and taking whatever they want so long as it doesn’t go over $950 in value. Thanks to their votes, most Walgreens and many other businesses are leaving San Francisco because the shoplifting is affecting their ability to stay in business. That’s what you get from progressive leadership.

On Wednesday, Rep. Greene talked about a national divorce on a threat on Twitter where she tweeted to another user who said he was moving from San Francisco to Miami and that he was uncertain about Florida politics.

First off, Florida is just as warm as California, yet you don’t see an army of homeless people living in just about every neighborhood in your city, with tents piled up, right on top of each other, with people crapping on sidewalks and leaving discarded needles on your front steps so your kids can find them the next morning. It’s because Florida voters do not want that kind of life and do not vote in politicians who would allow it to happen.

Greene posted a thread on Thursday consisting of 7 tweets where she explained that threatening a divorce was a wake up call.

Here they are:

“1. You know what is necessary about threatening a divorce? It’s a wake up call to the one offending the other that they’ve had enough. And if the other party cares at all, they look at what they are doing wrong and care to fix it. National Divorce is not civil war. Cont’d,” Greene began her thread, which was followed by other tweets.

“2. Divorces happen in court or perhaps for a country can happen in Congress. I’ve been married 26 years, clearly I’m not in favor of divorce. Happy marriages are the result of 2 committed people working together resolving differences and changing behavior that hurts the other.”

“3. But the state of our union is currently far from happy, and I really don’t care how many Democrats I offend by calling it out. For your information, you like our red states BECAUSE of our politics and it’s OUR Republican politics that create the very environments you like.”

“4. So I will NOT apologize when I muse or discuss ideas that stop Democrat voters and donors, who are moving out of the s**tholes they created with their Democrat votes and donations, from ruining GREAT red states by bringing your disastrous ideas and destructive votes with you.”

“5. For your information, we Republicans don’t want your blue votes ruining our red home states! We don’t want high taxes, high crime, high amounts of perverse school curriculums, loss of freedoms, & AUTHORITARIAN big government in our red states! That’s what you Dems vote for!”

“6. If you are so offended by my comments about #NationalDivorce then take a real hard look inward and ask yourself why it’s sadly such a popular idea with Republicans. We are serious about our freedoms and we feel very threatened by Democrats that constantly tread on them.”

“7. I don’t want a National Divorce, but what I will not tolerate is Democratic Communism. Leave your blue votes in your blue states. If you move to a red state, learn from your blue state experience that your Democrat ways failed. Then we welcome you.”

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