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Maricopa County Vice Chair Admits They Archived and Deleted Election Files And Did Not Turn Them Over To Audit Subpoena [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) during an election integrity hearing, asked an important question about files that were allegedly deleted. The Maricopa County audit report alleged that files were deleted by the county. The Arizona Senate said that after the audit they would question the County.

During the House hearing on Thursday, Bill Gates, the Maricopa County Board Vice Chair, astonishingly admitted they deleted files. He said they first archived them and then deleted them. How can anyone know if the files that were archived match the real files that were deleted?

Here’s a kicker. The archived files were never handed over when the county was subpoenaed for the election vote records. Wait, what?

When Biggs asked why the archived records were not turned over to the audit under the subpoena ordered by the Arizona Senate, Gates told the congressman because the subpoena didn’t directly ask for archived files. Wait, what?

So, the subpoena was for all the election files and this clod knew they archived and deleted a portion of them, but because the subpoena did not specifically mention files that were deleted and archived, probably because the Senate had no way of knowing the files were archived and deleted, and this half-witted nincompoop didn’t hand them over with the other files. Delete/archived or not, they are still election files that fell under the Senate’s subpoena.

“Is it standard practice to delete files off a server after an election, Mr. Bennet?” Biggs asked.

Ken Bennet, who served as president of the Arizona Senate and as the 19th Secretary of State of Arizona, responded, “I hope not.”

“Mr. Gates, would you agree with that?” Biggs asked.

“I would say that it’s appropriate to maintain files, and that’s exactly what we did,” Gates responded. You could probably smell the smugness from this guy. “The deleted files have been discussed, and they were archived.”

Biggs asked, “So you admit that you guys, Maricopa County, did delete files off the server after the election?”

“That were archived,” Gates said. It’s amazing that he thinks archiving files before deleting them deserves an “atta-boy!”

Biggs calmy asked, “Yeah, and so when you released the servers and this information to the auditors, to begin with, they didn’t have access to the deleted files, is that correct?”

“They didn’t subpoena those that’s correct.”

With a laugh, Biggs then asked, “So you didn’t feel obligated to turn that over, then, is that correct?”

“We responded to the subpoena,” Gates replied.

Ken Bennett then responds, “I find it frankly laughable to suggest that a county, in response to a subpoena could say ‘we will delete files from the hard drives and materials that we give to the auditors because we have those files archived on data that we did not give to the auditors when the subpoena said to turn over all the records related to the election.'”

Congressman Biggs then explained he read the subpoena “more broadly than the county read it for sure”. The county could not confirm if the deleting of data was normal after election protocol, but only that there is limited storage for data.” I am a programmer in another life and I can tell you that is a bunch of hogwash. If Maricopa County doesn’t take its elections seriously enough to make sure that there is enough space on the servers to store election data and then some, then someone needs to be fired.

It sounds like the old Democrat rope-a-dope where they take things that normally would seem to be a very rare and very odd and they act like it’s just a normal procedure. I can’t prove it but I feel it in my gut Gates is lying. They deleted data and archived allegedly only what they wanted.

Trump ally Liz Harrington took to social media and posted a video clip showing this exchange.

“Maricopa County admits they DELETED and moved the election data to hide it from auditors AFTER they got a subpoena

This is a total cover up, and they admit it!”


Harrington posted a follow up video from the hearing.

What bothers me is the other side continues to claim election irregularities are all a Big Lie and a conspiracy theory, even after an audit that shows over 50,000 votes are in serious doubt. In fact, the mainstream media, all of them, reported the release of the Arizona audit report saying that Joe Biden actually got more votes than they thought he did when in reality the only thing that they focused on from the report was the hand recount. A recount means nothing compared to the large number of voting irregularities that were discovered and reported in that audit report that the media completely ignored. Irregularities like dead people voting, people who moved out of the state voting, people who moved to a new county voting in their old county and their new county, people who voted twice, once by mail and then in person.

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