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Man Capitol Policeman Tried to Murder is Suing…Discovery Could be Brutal For Capitol Police Force

This is what attempted murder looks like:

I hate the fact that I have to wonder this, but with so many flagrant acts, were Capitol Police given orders to use deadly force? What if Ashli babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, or Derrick Vargo were members of BLM and cops did this to them. Would Merrick garland still be leading the cover-up? (Boy, did we dodge a bullet by not having this thug on the Supreme Court)

You know the answer to that question as well as I do. Did any of the three deserve to die? Vargo was lucky to have survived such a fall. You have seen the video. Is there any doubt in your mind that this was an intentional act by the thug cop? He brazenly shoved him off the wall, like it was nothing. Vargo is now planning to sue over his attempted murder.

Can you identify this Capitol Policeman?

He may be in more danger now than he was on January 6th. An early morning raid on his home and shot trying to escape on his way to jail. I can see that happening. I believe they would do anything to shut him up and prevent him from demanding discovery in his lawsuit.

Vargo said:

I want to announce that I am going to sue Capitol Police. I’m not here for any sort of money, the only reason I am suing is to hold Capitol Police and all police involved accountable. My big reason about why I so badly want this to happen is I want an investigation and I want it to happen now. I want to have text messages from all Capitol police and anyone that was on duty that day- their emails, social media…I want to know who was in buildings possibly watching the whole thing…everyone in the surrounding area…big names in hotels… they should all be under investigation- not just the American people. All I care about is starting to put a crack into the wall of lies and shining some light onto January 6th. I want to know who was responsible for giving orders that influenced that police officer to brutalize me.”

“At first I was a little scared so I kept quiet for a while…but I can’t stand to watch what they are doing to America and entrapping people. They are investigating the people from January 6th in a witch hunt but the ones who need to be investigated is them. Nancy Pelosi needs to be investigated. The DOJ, Biden, The Capitol Police, all of them. If my case can help open a real investigation into the government, then I am willing to take the risk and move forward with a lawsuit.”

Help Derrick with his lawsuit HERE.

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