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Making Sense of Trump’s PA Supreme Court Hearing with Rudy Giuliani

On Tuesday Rudy Giuliani appeared in Superior Court in Pennsylvania to stop the certification of election results from the 2020 Presidential election, and depending upon whose Twitter timeline you read, Giuliani was either doing very well or was being a bumbling fool, adding confusion to the news of the hearing.

Daily Mail reported:

“Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign’s complaint that observers weren’t allowed close enough to observe the electoral count in a state that provided a crucial 20 electoral votes to President-elect Joe Biden.

The 5-2 decision ruled that Pennsylvania counties could determine the particulars of election observers, and that state law only required they be ‘in the room’ when votes are counted.

The ruling came minutes after Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani appeared in federal court to allege a nationwide conspiracy of widespread voter fraud. ” 

At one time Giuliani’s name was trending with people opposed to Trump just calling Giuliani names, and being ridiculous, as were the election workers in PA, apparently.

Supporters of Trump’s felt that he represented President Donald J. Trump’s case very well.

The Trump campaign’s case is that election procedures were not uniform across the state, yet election officials want the case thrown out. On Monday Trump’s second legal team withdrew from the case leaving Attorney Rudy Giuliani to join the legal battle at the last moment.

Some political watchers were frustrated at what appeared to be a charismatic and unorganized legal strategy and others remembered that it was Giuliani in a case called “The Pizza Connection” who broke up the mob.

Before the Tuesday hearing Jenna Ellis, a member of the legal team made an appearance with Charles Payne on Fox News to discuss the case the team had prepared.

Politico, who believes that Giuliani and Trump are bumbling fools reported:

“President Donald Trump’s campaign on Tuesday sought to add some star power to its flailing legal effort to contest the election results, deploying former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to this small central Pennsylvania city to argue that the state’s election tallies should be thrown out because they’re tainted by fraud.

Arriving to cheers from a band of Trump supporters gathered in a mall parking lot across the street, Giuliani strode into the modest, four-story federal courthouse for hearing on a bid by Pennsylvania officials to dismiss a lawsuit the Trump campaign filed last week to try to block certification of President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of the state’s 20 electoral votes.”

According to CNBC, “Giuliani’s last-minute request to have a federal judge admit him to the case came hours before a hearing in the matter, and after two sets of other lawyers for Trump’s reelection campaign quit the case over the past week.

It also came after U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann denied a request by another new attorney for the campaign to postpone the hearing, which is set for 1:30 p.m. ET.

A former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor, Giuliani is not admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania federal court, so he needed permission from Brann to appear in the case.”

In the end, Giuliani lost as expected on his way to the United States Supreme Court.

After hearing arguments and motions for a total six hours, Brann peppered Giuliani with questions and gave his team until 5pm Wednesday to file a new brief. After a long day of arguments, he advised counsel on both sides ‘off the record’ about area restaurants, as well as a martini bar and a brew pub. 

ABC News reported that there has been ‘infighting and disillusionment’ on the Trump campaign since Trump put Giuliani in charge of his legal effort days ago. Trump has refused to concede defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. Giuliani and lawyer Jenna Ellis have been installed in what was being called a campaign ‘coup.’

The New York Times reported that Giuliani, who represented Trump pro bono during impeachment, was seeking $20,000 per day, above what even the nation’s top lawyers bill.  

Giuliani denied it, saying his pay would be determined later.

‘I never asked for $20,000,’ he told the paper. ‘The arrangement is, we’ll work it out at the end.’ 

Demand was so high to hear Trump’s lawyer in action that there were technical problems when a call-in line that was supposed to be equipped for 4,000 people got swamped. The judge said 8,000 people tried to get on. was on for part of the hearing but the call cut out twice.

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