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Make the Apocalypse Great Again…The Joe Biden Campaign PART ONE

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 29: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks during the 2016 International Women of Courage Forum at the State Department, March 29, 2016 in Washington, DC. Established in 2007, the awards honor women around the world for leadership and courage in equality, social progress and human rights. Fourteen women were recognized this year. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Just how much damage could a Joe Biden presidency incur in the United States?

Think Mt. St. Helen. Think Pompeii. Think the Hindenburg. Think Nancy Pelosi. There is not one sector of the United States that would not suffer under a Joe Biden regime.


Joe Biden has warned the American people that he plans to roll back almost all of the Trump tax cuts if he is elected dogcatcher president in the August  November election in China the United States.

How catastrophic would that be? Well, remember how the tax cuts propelled the US economy to heights never before reached with record low unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics. Not to mention skyrocketing stock prices which fattened up everyone’s 401k accounts.

Bringing back the highest corporate tax in America will reverse all of those gains as well as the Democrat’s latest offering in the House that would allow an unlimited number of migrants to our shore, would cause Black unemployment to reach even greater heights than we had under the Obama/Biden regime.

Businesses would be forced to make gigantic cuts and as we all know the first cuts are always jobs.


The party platform being touted by the Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders coalition calls for amnesty for the 11 to 22 million illegals still in this country as well as welcoming as many immigrants that want to come here without restriction, combined with the defunding of ICE would flood the US with foreign labor taking US jobs.

Also included in the platform are the following:

  • Restarting DACA for young illegal aliens
  • Restraining DAPA for the illegal parents of DACA illegal aliens
  • Rescinding Trump’s “national emergency” at the border
  • Increasing refugee resettlement
  • Gives Obamacare to DACA illegal aliens
  • Forces Americans to subsidize welfare-dependent legal immigration
  • Expands the scandal-plagued U visa program
  • Restarts employment-based green card system

From Breitbart News

The massive expansion of illegal and legal immigration — in addition to the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and more than 2.5 million legal immigrants and foreign workers added to the U.S. population every year — would come as more than 35 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed.

An amnesty for all illegal aliens, expansion of asylum, more refugee resettlement, and continued admissions of employment-based green cards would mean tens of millions more foreign nationals for whom unemployed Americans would have to compete for jobs against.


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