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MAGA TIME WITH RUSH! President Trump Joining the Rush Limbaugh Show Tonight for Virtual Campaign Rally!

In spite of the polls, the Trump-hating media, entertainment industry, and college Marxists, the one variable that keeps the 2020 Presidential election up for grabs in President Donald J Trump’s will to win.

At the same time Trump is defeating COVID, he has agreed to extended virtual rally with Rush Limbaugh, who himself is fighting against the disease of cancer.

During Rush’s show intro today, he announced President Donald Trump will participate in a virtual rally on the Rush Limbaugh show on Friday, tomorrow.

Limbaugh announced the news in a pre-recorded message, as conservative commentator Mark Steyn was guest hosting the program.

“I’m thrilled to announce that our commander in chief, President Donald Trump, will be right here tomorrow hosting the largest virtual rally in radio history. Be sure to tune in you don’t want to miss this. It will be special and I am really looking forward to it.”

On Rush’s website, he posted the following and is giving those who want to, the opportunity to submit a question for tomorrow’s broadcast.

“It will be a great honor to speak with President Donald Trump live for the Largest Radio Rally in history! Do you have a special question for our Commander-in-Chief? I can’t promise that your question will be selected, but you never know. This audience is filled with the most informed listeners and patriots of all time. I know you will flood this inbox with sheer brilliance!”

Further details will be announced Thursday afternoon.

With Rush’s EIB Audience Model Projecting 43 Million Listeners, an effective few hours by the President could significantly change the direction of the race.

Make sure you don’t miss this, the show starts at 12 PM ET, 9 AM Pacific.

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