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Loudoun School District Goes After Another Father in Order to Defend Bad Teachers

Remember not so long ago when the Loudoun County School Board had a father arrested because he exposed the fact that the school had covered up the rape of his daughter? The newest example predates that incident, but a school board member has been trying to get the police to arrest him for years, but the police have refused to do it.

Debra Rose, a former congressional staffer, and school board member went on the attack when Brian Davison asked to see public information the school is required by law to keep and send to Washington yearly in order to qualify for federal money. After Davison put in a FOIA for the reports, the school said they didn’t have them. These reports, which became a requirement during the Obama administration expose teachers who do a poor job.

The reason that schools don’t report, this is because the teacher unions aren’t about education. They are about protecting teachers who don’t measure, but who pay their dues. Those dues are used to buy Democratic influence in order to keep teachers from being held accountable as long as they toe the ideological line and promote radical ideas that have nothing not do with education.

The school official having failed to get Davison arrested, called and reported him to Child Protective Services.  The New York Post has the story:

To hear Loudoun County, Va., educators tell it, Brian Davison is a violent lunatic, a physical threat, someone who should be in jail.

Davison is a ginger-haired 48-year-old who earned two degrees from MIT, then spent much of his career as a Navy officer. By profession, he is a nerd who specializes in “operations research,” finding ways to make organizations function more efficiently. After he had two kids, he figured he could volunteer his number-crunching skills to help their schools.

He’s not a monster. To teachers, he’s something more threatening: a mathematician.

From PJ Media

Davison had to file a suit to get the FOIA information he requested, and that’s when he became a target of Loudoun County. Davison was then labeled “dangerous.” Debra Rose, a former congressional staffer and school board member went on the attack against Davison. She attempted to have him removed from a board meeting in 2015 for asking uncomfortable questions about the test results. The officer she instructed to remove Davison refused to do it. She then called the police while she was at her home to report Davison as a “threat” to her. She did not give police any specific information as to what kind of threat he posed, but told him “he made her feel extremely uncomfortable,” according to the Post’s investigation. Again, the police took no action.

When the police would not arrest Davison, Stephens called CPS and lied about him being a danger to his children and told them she suspected him of being a child abuser. These accusations were based on his child coming to school wearing rain boots instead of gym shoes and seeing the children with him on one occasion when they were “straight-faced” and not smiling.

In 2016, Davison won the FOIA suit that he filed in 2014, and a judge ordered the board to turn over the testing information and pay him $35,000. But what’s incredible about this story is that Davison found in the data that there were teachers who the district knew were underperforming, and yet they stayed employed anyway. And despite this knowledge, and with the teachers’ unions fighting every step of the way, a Republican-controlled Congress passed a bill called Every Student Succeeds Act that snuck into it exactly what the unions wanted. “Buried in it was a provision forbidding the government from asking or incentivizing states to use student-growth data to evaluate teachers. The change came following lobbying by the unions.”

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