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Domestic Terrorism

Loony Leftists Storm City Hall in Bellingham, WA For Homeless Camp, Attack Journalists

On Friday, a Woke Supremacist mob broke into Bellingham, Washington’s City Hall which forced the mayor to flee the building for safety.  They attacked local journalists who tried to report on the incident.

The Wokety workers spray-painted a radio journalist Joe Teehan from KGMI.  They also threw hot chocolate in the reporter’s face and then stole his microphone.

“There were shouts of, ‘He’s taking unauthorized photos. He’s invading privacy.’ Pretty soon I was surrounded by a fairly good number of people,” Teehan told KIRO-TV.

I wonder if the Democrats and DC media types will say that the storming of a mayor’s office is an insurrection or if a mayor is too low down the totem pole to matter?

KIRO is a CBS local affiliate.  What exactly did they expect after reporting all summer long that riots, looting, murder, and the taking over sections of cities were nothing but peaceful protests?

Teehan was covering the story Friday morning around 9:30 am, when suddenly the mob turned hostile.

“I’ve never experienced that kind of belligerence. We’ve had protests in Bellingham and I’ve never seen anyone act that way,” Teehan recounted.  But it was mostly peaceful, right?  Try being a business owner who had his business burned to the ground.

At that point, the mob pounced to take his equipment, and as he began backing away one of the animals stole his microphone.

The mob also tried to steal his iPad. Luckily the reporter wasn’t injured during the incident, just rattled.

The Bellingham Herald‘s criminal and social justice reporter (what the hell is a social justice reporter?) Denver Pratt said that they were pushed around and then cornered by the mob that was wearing black.   ANTIFA?  Oh, no, that’s just an idea, right?

They poured water on one of the cameras after they ordered them to stop taking pictures on public property.  Then the soy boys dressed in black screamed at them until they left.

“We tried to engage in a conversation and explain how we were trying to balance privacy but still document, and they told us to get out,” Pratt tweeted.  These anarchists believe that they are the rule of law.

Doug Gustafson, a co-founder of HomesNOW! a homeless advocacy group said that protesters threatened to smash his video camera.

The Woke in the media like to claim that Donald Trump was the reason for all of this violence and anarchy, but this kind of crap started and was nurtured, during the Obama administration, you know the administration that Joe Biden was vice president.

Rioters blocked Grand Avenue in front of the courthouse forcing drivers to drive over the sidewalk to get around the blockade.

A human wall of people formed covered the intersections holding signs that read, “Services now,” “Do not sweep,” and “Provide an actual solution for the homeless.”

Bellingham Police reported that about 20 rioters stormed the lobby however no damage was done.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but unfortunately, no one was arrested either.

Mayor Seth Fleetwood took to social media to make a wimpish-sounding statement.

“We seek a peaceful end to the encampment. If there is confrontation, we are not the aggressors. Most campers have not complied with our request to create a 25-foot fire and safety area.”

It’s beyond me why they didn’t just put up a sign that said, “Hey rioters come on in, nothing we’re not going to stop you.”

Eve Smason-Marcus, a Whatcom Human Rights Task Force board member and volunteer with Camp 210, confirmed that between 90 and 120 people sleep there every night. 

She said supporters for the homeless had been in discussions with city officials more than a month and had called on them to provide 100 units to house people.

She said negotiations went south after the city only offered twenty-five units.  “They will not leave city hall unless there is housing for everyone,” she said. 

Fleetwood said the city “offered reasonable conditions for working together and were eager to do so.”

Fleetwood confirmed that reporters were threatened and harassed by members of the mob. “Their actions are a disservice to people who are experiencing homelessness and putting them at increased risk,” he said of the really bad and scary people. #SMH

Well, whoopty flipping ding!  He should have sent in the riot troops to clear the area out of all the ANTIFA wannabees.  They only understand brute force.

This clown of a mayor then asked people to encourage what he called “unsheltered people” to go get services at Base Camp, a homeless shelter on Cornwall Ave.  Unsheltered people?  I call them bums, alcoholics, drug addicts, dregs of society.

“It was unsettling,” Fleetwood told KIRO-TV. “They banged on the door and we got word they had somehow broken it open and were entering, and I was advised to leave.”  And he ran like a spooked Democrat on the Capitol building floor.

Democrat mayors and governors allowed radical and violent rioters and looters to take over cities all summer long.  Did they think because Joe Biden stole the election and the Democrats took over both houses of Congress that this kind of crap would go away?  Like I said the only thing these punks understand is brute force from official authority.  Every time you mollycoddle Woke Supremacists they just learned the lesson that they can take things even further.

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