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Censoring Social Media

Longtime Google Engineer Walks Away From Company, Reveals How They Wrote Algorithm To Harm Donald Trump

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A whistleblower is shining a spotlight on the Big Tech industry over how they collaborated (some might say colluded) to get rid of President Donald Trump.

The whistleblower revealed how Google wrote an algorithm to make sure that positive stories about Hillary Clinton reached the top of search results and that negative stories about Trump were what people saw when using their highly popular website.

I personally remember experiencing how when you entered “Hillary Clinton” in the search box for image searches, you would see images of Hillary laughing, smiling, not looking like the miserable sod she really is at the top of the search results. At the same time, when you searched for Donald Trump you would get images of him yelling, looking angry, and memes of him with devil’s horns and in Nazi uniforms. I thought at the time, do they think we’re so stupid that we’re not going to notice it?

And you just know things got much worse for the 2020 election.

Zach Vorhies, who worked for Google in the past, told The Epoch Times during an interview that the tech tyrant company specifically tailored its news algorithm to hurt the former president. Google is supposedly an American company, but you would never know that today when you learn how they behave.

Vorhies written a book about his experiences working for Google. He said he wanted to “take conspiracy theory and turn it into conspiracy fact” by sharing what he experienced while he worked for his longtime former employer, doing projects for Google and the Google-owned YouTube.

“People kind of suspect this is happening. That certain keywords trigger things within the algorithm … That is actually happening,” he told the outlet, exposing that newly written negative stories about Trump were being digitally connected with older stories to make sure they remained at the top of search results.

“They actually have that. They show like a graph, a tree, and they say actually this forms a super-story that spans eight days,” he said.

“So, with the Trump/Comey thing, they’re able to keep the stories boosted all the way at the top because the algorithm was able to fold a news story into the stories that were preceding it in the last five days,” Vorhies added.

“They allowed the mainstream media to structure their stories so that they could remain at the top of their search index, of their news index,” he continued.

Vorhies’ new book is called “Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Exposé of Big Tech Censorship.” The book dropped earlier this month. I’m reading it now in the Kindle format and it’s worth the price as far as I’m concerned.

“The madness of Big Tech and their attempt to mold our reality into a version compatible with their globalist view of the world has never been portrayed better than in this chilling account by Google whistleblower,” the book’s listing on Amazon reads.

“As a senior engineer at Google for many years, Zach was aware of their bias, but watched in horror as the 2016 election of Donald Trump seemed to drive them into dangerous territory. The American ideal of an honest, hard-fought battle of ideas — when the contest is over, shaking hands and working together to solve problems — was replaced by a different, darker ethic alien to this country’s history,” the description reads.

According to Vorhies, he left Google in 2019 and took with him 950 pages of internal documents that he gave to the Department of Justice. Big mistake.

It is unclear what, if anything, the Justice Department did with those documents. I’m betting they are using them to better understand how to get the tech tyrant company to do their bidding in the future.

Vorhies got those documents to go public with the help of Project Veritas in 2019. The former Google worker previously told the undercover reporting outlet’s James O’Keefe how he was able to get ahold of the documents from his former employer in 2019.

“These documents were available to every single employee within the company that was full time. And so as a full-time employee at the company, I just searched for some keywords, and these documents started to pop up,” he said.

“And so once I started finding one document and started finding keywords for other documents and I would enter that in and continue this cycle until I had a treasure trove and archive of documents that clearly spelled out the system, what they’re attempting to do in very clear language,” he concluded.

Vorhies gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) earlier this year, as did O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

The whistleblower said that the Big Tech oligarchs “represent the Trojan horse for totalitarianism.”

O’Keefe wrote the forward in Vorhies’ book:

“There are those in this life who don’t give into threats and are not chasing after rewards. Zach Vorhies chose to follow his conscience, even if it led him past the gates of hell. He took on the most powerful company in the world, Google, from within. In doing so, he would not only educate people on Orwellian concepts of “algorithmic unfairness,” the greatest legacy from his whistleblowing would be to inspire countless others to follow suit.”

—James O’Keefe Project Veritas

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