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Biden Arizona event had no fanfare because the campaign didn’t invite the public

Video footage of local news of the Biden/Harris campaign was covered by local Fox News showing that no one showed up to participate with them, adding to the embarrassing fact for Biden supporters that President Donald J. Trump, who gets people lining up for hours to wave to him, is winning the enthusiasm gap between the two candidate teams.

“It’s Kind of Boring Out Here” – Arizona Reporter said while covering the event.

The two Democrat presidential team hopefuls were joined by the wife of deceased former Senator John McCain, to make a plea for votes in the dwindling weeks before the November Presidential election on Thursday,

The event was well publicized:

Yet no one showed up to welcome her.

Biden leads Trump by 3.4 points in the RealClearPolitics average of Arizona polls taken so far in the campaign. 

Should Biden win the state in November, he would become the first Democrat to win there since Bill Clinton in 1996.

And people have moved across country to whip up the vote, and still no one showed up:

Conservative Treehouse wrote about the lack of fans for Biden at the event,” As you watch this local media report of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaigning in Arizona most are focused on the complete absence of any support for the candidates; indeed, that is a rather weird fact.  However, additionally watch in the video how the campaign staff has placed markers on the ground as visible cues for Biden, Harris and McCain to walk with social distancing; and pay particular attention to how Biden attempts to navigate his proximity responsibility therein.”

A Trump supporter reacted to the story and wrote,”Joe Biden & Kamala Harris hold campaign event in Arizona and the news station is shocked no supporters showed up. Can you say DISASTER! #Trumplandslide2020.”

The Arizona GOP Party official account wrote in reaction, “The Biden campaign has ZERO enthusiasm! Arizona will stay RED in 2020, and we will put President @realDonaldTrump over the top to #KeepAmericaGreat!”

Chris Stigall, a journalist and radio hose wrote, “Biden/Harris campaign together in Arizona. “There’s really not much fanfare…” Local Fox affiliate shocked at the total lack of supporters.”

Susan St. James, a Trump supporter wrote, “A new NY Times poll has Biden leading in Arizona by 8 points. Meanwhile, nobody showed up today to a big Biden Harris event in Arizona. I think the polls might be bullsh*t.”

Watch as the reporter tries to explain the lack of interest, and be police.

The Hill reported and said:

The visit came less than a day after Harris faced off against Vice President Pence, who was also campaigning in Arizona on Thursday, in the vice-presidential debate. 

“Folks, I don’t know if you caught it, but the senator had a heck of a night last night,” Biden said, speaking with Harris during a joint appearance the Carpenters Local Union 1912 in Phoenix. The visit kicked off the campaign’s “Soul of the Nation” bus tour of the state.

“She’s like a younger sister. I couldn’t be prouder to run alongside such a leader with remarkable character and vision,” he added. 

The former vice president went on to criticize the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, and called for unity ahead of the election. 

“If we can’t bring the country together, we’re dead,” he said. “This is a democracy, it depends on a consensus. You gotta bring people together.”

Biden’s comments come as the second day of early voting gets underway in Arizona, which will likely be a deciding factor in this election. The Democratic nominee urged voters to take advantage of mail-in voting process. 

“The vast majority of Arizonans vote by mail and those mail-in ballots will start arriving over the next couple of days,” Biden said. “The best thing you can do is return your ballot quickly. Don’t risk any delays. Return that mail-in ballot as soon as you can, and make sure your voice is heard.”

The campaign later posted a photo of the event:

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