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Local Parent Slams California School For Alleged ‘Predatory’ LGBT Club

Teachers at a Salinas, California, middle school secretly recruited students into a pro-LGBT club, which was supposedly a “gender equality club” without their parents knowing.

Author Abigail Shrier presented evidence that teachers even followed these kids online in multiple ways to gather information about them. This appears to be a grooming process by the teachers and other school employees, perhaps for their sexual gratification or just to indoctrinate them into their sordid lifestyle and beliefs.

They went so far as to teach children into accepting their perverted lifestyles and those of the far left. They taught them to change their gender identity without letting their parents know what they were doing.

Parents were given their first opportunity to speak out in public on what the teachers at the school were doing and parents of current and former students at the school vented to the school board members.

One mother said that the teachers convinced her daughter, she was really a boy and they changed her name, documentation, and gender identity within the school.

Another mother told the school board that she considered the actions of the teachers to be grooming them. (For sex?)

Holley Hebert said in reference to one teacher who claimed to be tenured and unfireable:

“When you have basically ‘recruiting’ for the club going on, not just allowing students to come to the club organically, you have eavesdropping, you have predatory cyber-stalking, I think these are — as was already stated — predatory and again I ask what does tenure protect?”

From The Daily Wire

“[The teachers] are well-liked and they’re influential and — Ms. Caldeira with her Harry Potter-infused curriculums, she’s very popular and likable,” Hebert said referring to one of the teachers in question. “I worked in her classroom I like her very much. I think both of these teachers are excellent teachers.  And that’s what’s so concerning for me, is that this message of — again — it’s recruitment, indoctrination — it’s influencing very young [people].”

Next, Hebert put it more bluntly, saying, “If I’m an 11-year-old and I’m insecure and I’m facing peer pressure and a teacher tells me I’m bold and brave and smart because I was in a club, I’m going to come back to that club because I’m being groomed. That’s what that is. That’s grooming.”

“And if I’m being offered free pizza, I might show up to a club you know so I don’t know what other tactics are being used — because I’m not on campus —  but I think it’s important that the board really look at the influence of these two teachers. And yes, they’re great teachers, but you can be a great teacher with an agenda that spoils your intent, it spoils your mission because you have another agenda that supersedes what you were hired for and what the taxpayers are paying you for.”


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