Local CBS Meteorologist Stops Weather Report To Announce She Will Be Sitting Down With Project Veritas

A CBS 62 reporter in Detroit revealed live on air Sunday says that later in the week she will sit down with Project Veritas and reveal CBS’ discrimination against its employees. CBS 62 Insider April Moss says that she will be a whistleblower but I suspect that by today or tomorrow she will be unemployed. CBS will be sending a message to its employees to keep their mouths shut.

Moss will be called a disgruntled employee who was on the verge of being fired for other reasons which they will make up as they go along. This has become standard practice and the events I laid out are the media’s answer to anyone revealing their biases. Moss interrupted her weather report to announce her intentions.  Then she finished her report, which could very well be her last one.

Moss said:

“I will be sitting down this week with Project Veritas to discuss the discrimination that CBS is enforcing upon its employees. Tune into Project Veritas for my full story.”

From The Daily Caller

Moss announced during the middle of her weather report. She began her segment by wishing viewers a happy Father’s Day and thanking her audience for watching the forecast.

“Today we saw temperatures above normal again topping out at 85 degrees at Metro Airport. Plenty of sunshine today, but all good things must come to an end and that starts as early as tomorrow morning with showers moving in around 8 a.m,” she reported on air.

Moss then transitioned to saying she would be sitting down with Project Veritas to reveal the discrimination issues CBS employees allegedly face. She then resumed the weather forecast.

“Later Monday, we will see those showers continuing through late morning, but by evening we’ll see dry conditions and more comfortable conditions as well,” Moss said.

Moss was intentionally vague about what she plans to reveal. There are a lot of different discriminations. There is race, gender, age sexual preference, and discrimination against conservatives. I’m betting on the latter.

The big question is will she fold like a cheap road map when CBS turns up the pressure? Is she willing to lose her job over this?

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