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Attacking Trump

Liz Cheney Voted Out Of Her House GOP Leadership Position Over Her Vote To Impeach Trump

Only nine more rats to go.

On Wednesday, the House Republican caucus voted to oust Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) from her Republican conference coordinator position as the third highest-ranking Republican in the House of Representatives.

According to Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger, the caucus held a voice vote, so no final tally numbers will be known. Kinzinger has a Liberty Score of F (40%) from Conservative Review. That means he has voted 40% of the time for conservative principles.

Cheney, who served as the third highest-ranking Republican in the House, was a perpetual critic of former President Donald Trump and his supposed role in the January 6 riot at the US Capitol building. Cheney was one of ten Republican House members who voted to impeach the former president back in January. That vote was the beginning of the end for Cheney, sending her down a path of constant criticism from Trump, other House members, including in GOP leadership, and the Wyoming Republican Party, which voted to censure her over her vote to impeach Trump.

A number of primary challengers have stepped forward to take on Cheney in her re-election bid. A recent poll showed 50 percent of Wyoming Republicans will not vote for the congresswoman in her next election bid, saying they will vote for anyone but her.

This is what happens when you side with radical Democrats against a sitting president from your own party. Cheney didn’t help matters by being an arrogant snot-nose with snarky comments and doubling and tripling down against Trump.

The Wyoming congresswoman like Democrats blamed Trump for the January 6 violence, claiming he “summoned” the rioters and then “lit the flame of this attack.” According to Cheney, “Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the president. The president could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not.”

The problem with that assessment is that an overwhelming majority of Republicans do not see what Cheney claims happened. They saw and heard Trump hold a rally and told the supporters there to go march “peacefully and patriotically.” The way Cheney tells it, you would think Trump personally handed out pitchforks and torches and lit them for them. Trump did far less than what many Democrats have done and continue to do yet Cheney doesn’t go after them.

Her distorted rhetoric didn’t sit well with Trump and her Republican colleagues in the House or in her home state of Wyoming. The Wyoming GOP said that Cheney’s vote to impeach “ignited unparalleled complaints.”

Wednesday’s vote was the second time the House GOP voted on the question of whether to keep Cheney on as conference chairman. Back in February, House Republicans voted 145-61 to keep Cheney in her leadership role in a secret ballot. I think what cinched her ousting on Wednesday was her never-ending trashing of Trump and not realizing she was trashing 74 million Americans at the same time.

President Trump has been pushing for Cheney’s removal from her position in the party for weeks and Cheney herself didn’t help matters by doubling and tripling down on attacking Trump, falsely accusing him of inciting the January 6 riot, and telling Republicans they needed to “steer away from the dangerous and anti-democratic Trump cult of personality.”

Trump has since increased the pressure to get rid of her over the last few days.

Kinzinger, who supports Cheney and who should also face the consequences of his vote to impeach Trump on the false articles of impeachment levied against him by the reprobates in the House Democratic Party, told reporters after Wednesday’s vote to oust Cheney that though she appears to have a significant number of supporters, Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) insisted that there be a voice vote in the name of “unity” and Kinzinger added to avoid a final vote count.

Kinzinger is playing with fire by ramping up his rhetoric against the former president and GOP leadership over the last few weeks. Over the weekend on CBS’s “Face the Nation” he condemned the efforts to remove Cheney from her leadership role.

“Right now, it’s basically the Titanic. We’re like, you know, in the middle of this slow sink. We have a band playing on the deck telling everybody it’s fine. And meanwhile, as I’ve said, you know, Donald Trump’s running around trying to find women’s clothing and get on the first lifeboat,” Kinzinger said.

That was quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard a congressional representative say. Not only is Trump not on a lifeboat, but he’s not on the Titanic either. Trump is out of office and has nothing to worry about.

Cheney spoke to reporters after the vote and doubled down, once again saying that the Republican Party needs to have people in leadership who will stand against what she calls President Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen. When she uses the Democrat term Big Lie, she shows how completely out of touch she is with most Republican voters. It’s astonishing, really. She must have access to YouTube and in turn, all the legislature hearings that took place in the key battleground states where tons of whistleblowers testified upon penalty of perjury to the massive amounts of voter fraud they saw happening before them at vote counting centers. She can go watch Mike Lindell’s move if she wants to see the analysis of the 2020 voter data. She just infuriates Trump voters when she sides with Democrats, calling them all liars like that.

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