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Border Patrol

Live Reporting On The Border Shows Group of Men Pulled Out Of Thick Brush By Border Patrol

Will Johnson is live on the southern border to capture investigative reporting and show the terrain of the area that allows cover for illegal crossings. Democrat environmental groups are protecting the brush and also providing information to people in order to get successfully over the border. Johnson and the two other independent journalists are uncovering these issues, which other media will not cover.

“We found this by following the helicopters. These guys are not in a place where they want to be found, so we think it is a drug bust,” Johnson said about the spot on the highway where he had stopped to report.

Johnson is accompanied by two other independent reporters, Ben Bergquam of Frontline America and “Conservative Anthony” of Border Network News.

Johnson talked about the Border Patrol pulling men out of the brush, that the left refuses to allow anyone to cut back or clean up, and often provided cover for the cartel to hide in.

“Think of what is that brush, snakes, scorpions, and that is what is giving these men protective cover at times, hiding them from border patrol,” Johnson said.

“We are in a remote area of nowhere, and this is an active bust. We were tipped off, and we are on our way to Larado, Texas driving through this small town. This is happening all over our southern border because of the policies of the Democrats,” Johnson said.

“We have talked to Border Patrol, who told us that they are sick and tired of being Uber Drivers for these cartel and illegal crossers, and the Democrats keep saying this isn’t happening. Here is proof that it is,” Johnson said.

‘These guys are saying they are just here for a living wage, we are just here looking for work,” Conservative Anthony, of Border Patrol News, told Johnson while translating from Spanish. “The men had been trained of the right words to say, ” he said.

“They were just apprehended from Mexico; you need to see the truth. We were on our way, and the helicopters were circling, and they gave us the indication of what is going on. We stopped to watch border patrol doing their jobs. We found a backpack with water and other supplies just up the way and border patrol was just walking around in the area, looking for more people in the area. We have been told by border patrol drug smuggling are out in the middle of nowhere, there are no towns close by, and we are in the middle of it, so I think they are trafficking other things, and now that they are caught, they do not want to get caught, but now they are saying they are looking for work. There are no women and children here. I am subject to believe that they are trafficking drugs, not trying to cross,” Johnson said.

“The men were placed in handcuffs in pairs. The Democrats know what they are doing, the extent of this is huge,” Johnson said.

“Border patrol told me that there was a period of time of 100 days of no deportation and these people know that. Democrats say that this is not happening, and you are seeing it live.”

“This is on land that is privately owned, and Border Patrol was here and brought them up to this area. Is AOC going to say that the US Constitution applies to these men? Do the American people deserve to see what is happening?

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