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Liberals Want to Do Away With the Secret Ballot

Americans today are used to walking into the voting booth and casting their ballots, the choices we make will remain secret unless we ourselves reveal them. Furthermore, people from all sides of the aisle would never support any attempt to take away that mask of privacy from the voting process. However, the secret ballot was primarily unheard of in the US until around the mid-19th century, and it wasn’t adopted throughout the country until the 1890s.

Believe it or not you used to vote by telling the vote collectors who you were voting for.  Either that or you had to hold a color-coded card, and everyone knew which color was for which politician.  With all of the shaming the Left did during 2016 silent Trump supporters would never have been able to vote their conscience.

The best thing about the secret ballot is that you can say anything you want to your family, neighbors, friends and co-workers, but when the time comes for you to step into that polling booth and cast your vote, that was no one’s business but your own.  And it didn’t have to match all the bullschtein you had to shovel out just to get along with in goofy relationships.

Since Trump started running for president back in 2015, if you admitted you were a conservative, or even a Republican, that could cause all kinds of problems for you.  I know people who had family members ostracize them because they said they were voting for Trump.  Oddly enough, though, the childishness of their family members didn’t restrain them for voting MAGA.  Since Trump won in 2016, admitting you still support him can get you physically attacked.  Try wearing a red Make America Great Again hat in almost any Democrat-run city and you will sooner rather than later be confronted by a nasty remark, a sneer, or violence.

Trump supporters also can not put Trump bumper stickers on their vehicles for fear some leftist will damage their car.

Not long after Trump was elected, the Washington Post published the following:

While the benefits of the secret ballot seem increasingly paltry, the new dangers that it poses may have begun to outweigh its merits. One of the most alarming things about the recent elections is the fact that a large number of voters apparently lied, not only to pollsters but to their families and friends, about supporting Trump.… Voicing your opinion publicly was, until the advent of the secret ballot, an integral and natural part of political life. Visibility led to accountability, and everyone knew where you stood on the issues, if only because you often had to actually stand behind them.

Can you believe that?  Whenever legitimate things don’t go their way, liberals want to change the rules so that they will.  The Post’s attitude is exactly why MAGA became a movement.  Too many forgotten men and women got sick and tired of being told how they had to live, and they found each other as a national group and together on Election Day they gave the double barreled middle finger to the system and elected a man who would make their lives better, by making America great again.

It is frightening that the Post writer used the term “accountability” to push for getting rid of the secret ballot.  The Democrats want to get rid of the secret ballot so that they can intimidate the hell out of people who don’t intend to vote the way they want them to.  This is no different from anything else the leftists do.  For example, if a conservative  doesn’t want to eat meat, then he or she won’t eat meat.  But when a leftist doesn’t want to eat meat, they don’t want you to eat meat either.  And they will find fancy ways of shaming you into not eating meat.

Democrats intimidated voters for over a hundred years.  Look what they did during the Jim Crow age where they held black voters “accountable” if they dared to vote for Republicans.  Seems like some things never change.  They created poll taxes, which was you had to pay money to be able to vote in a national election, knowing that many black voters couldn’t afford to pay the tax.  Klansmen drove around black neighborhoods intimidating black voters into staying home.

These days being a Trump supporter means you get attacked by Democrats when you leave a Trump campaign rally, or your house gets vandalized if you have a Trump sign on your front lawn.  Your tires get flattened when you have a Trump bumper sticker, or your MAGA hat gets smacked right off your head while sitting in a restaurant.

Democrats love to project what they do onto their opponents, which is why you’re always hearing them go on about how the Republicans are trying to steal the election, even though rampant voter fraud is always discovered to be done by Democrats. When Democrats scream “voter suppression,” nine our of ten times they are talking about Republicans wanting to purge the voter rolls of dead people and people who moved out of state. There is no reason for those people to be on a state voter roll. But Democrats lie and accuse Republicans of voter suppression because they use those names to cheat. They use the names people still on the voter rolls who are not going to vote.

The top way Democrats figured out how to cheat Donald Trump from office is through the mail-in voting that is going on right now.  Mail-in ballots are the perfect way to cheat.  For example, in Pennsylvania you have what’s termed a “secret ballot envelope” which holds you filled in ballot.  We reported a couple months ago how Democrat operatives cheat using mail-in, or up to now “absentee” ballots.  In Pennsylvania they have postal workers on their payroll, and they hand over bundles of thousands of mail-in ballots.  The operatives steam open the ballot, which has no markings, no serial numbers, or even a watermark.  It’s just a plain paper ballot, and the operatives Xerox thousands of copies.  They go old school by steaming open a ballot.  If it’s a Democrat vote, they seal it back up and turn it in.  If it’s not, they use a copied ballot filled in for Democrats, remove and replace the real ballot, and turn it in.  They estimate it takes 5 minutes per ballot do it the right way.  Get 100 people on your payroll and months of time for mail-in ballot voting, and you can turn an election.

Joe Biden has come out to stop secret ballots when voting for Union leadership, so how long would it take for a Biden administration to fight to get rid of the secret ballot for voting for government?

The secret ballot is why the polls are all wrong on Trump.  There are millions of voters who say they are not voting for Trump, but when they step into that polling booth they are voting for their own futures, they are voting for Donald Trump.

Election Day IS HERE!  With your VOTE, today will go down in HISTORY!

Defeat the Marxists.

VOTE Trump and give him a Republican Congress!


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