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Liberals Election Nightmare! Minorities speak out about why they refuse to vote for Joe Biden — instead proclaim why President Trump is their man

To the surprise of many on the left, the youth vote (18-29) is not turning out an expected around universities, and even worse for them, a growing number of them who will be voting for President Donald Trump.

Several reasons have been identified by the political pundits.

College towns are quiet as students are not on campuses due to COVID-19, Turning Point USA is energizing a huge conservative youth movement, and minority movements like Blexit, lead by Candace Owen, has awakened minority communities to the decades of racist and failed democratic policies.

Many young minority college students are jumping on the Team Train and say that they will not vote for former Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden no matter the case.

Campus Reform traveled to several college campuses where they spoke with minority students to gauge their responses on whether they would vote for Trump or for Biden.

A few reasons given why the students will not be voting for Biden on Tuesday:

  • “Joe Biden has been in government for almost 50 years, and that man was a racist.
  • “You’re telling me because of my skin color I have to think a certain way. That is racist.”
  • “If he were to be elected, imagine how many more black people would be probably incarcerated. Him and Kamala have contributed to black people’s incarceration.”

A few reason given why these students will be voting for Trump on Tuesday:

  • “I don’t think he is perfect, but I think that he is actually trying to make America great again in the best way he believes he can do it.”
  • Prison reform
  • Tax cuts benefit minorities as well.
  • “The economy [is] helping minorities.

So exciting to see how some of the students have been saved from socialism.

If President Trump is re-elected, a huge paradigm shift will take place through school choice.

This change would allow the next generation of youth to escape the Marxist portals of union lead public schools.

By choosing charter schools, religious schools or homeschool, the children will learning real American history and the values and freedoms we have been blessed with by God and enshrined in our Constitution.

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