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Liberal Twitter Goes Toys-in-the-Attic, Bat-Guano Crazy Over Joe Manchin Not Supporting Democrats’ Ghoulish Abortion Bill

On Wednesday, leftist pundits and woke celebrities attacked Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) after he said he would vote against Chuck Schumer‘s (D-NY) abortion bill.

The Democrat who feels his party left him, told reporters that he would oppose Schumer’s radical bill called The Women’s Health Protection Act on the procedural vote because he says it doesn’t codify Roe v Wade, it expands abortion by killing abortion laws in all 50 states and allows a baby to be slaughtered right up to the moment of birth.

The senator from West Virginia eventually blocked the legislation formally.

Leftist, so-called journalists and activists, attacked Manchin over his actions.

CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju took to social media to give the news that Manchin was not supporting the radical abortion bill, and throughout the thread he never once asked why the Congress thinks it can create an abortion bill without seeking an amendment to the Constitution. That’s what our Constitution, with the 10th Amendment supporting it, says must happen if the federal government wants to take a power it doesn’t already have from the states. Since abortion is not in the Constitution as one of the 18 enumerated powers, then they must go for an amendment. You would think calling himself a chief congressional correspondent would mean he knows this, but I guess it’s just a title.

“New – Manchin tells us he’s a NO on Dem bill on abortion rights. Says it’s too broad of an expansion. Says he would support a codification of Roe but says this bill goes too far”

Soap opera actress Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted that Manchin didn’t know what he was talking about in a filthy foul-mouthed post.

“How does the WHPA go too far? Make him explain what that means. He’s full of sh-t,”

I told her once she reads the 10th Amendment, I’ll explain to her what it means. She won’t read it.

About 6 minutes later she followed up saying, “.#Manchin has already become a multi millionaire from getting paid off with Republican oil & Pharm money so he doesn’t need a job. But after ’25 he’ll NEVER sit his lying Ass in our Congress again, & will go down as one of the greatest impediments to Democracy in modern history.”

She should feel lucky that she lives in a country where someone that ignorant can still make a lot of money on a TV soap opera.

Political analyst and author Jared Yates Sexton called it a “problem” for Manchin to be allowed in the Democratic Party.

“The problem isn’t just Joe Manchin’s cruelty and disregard of the lives and fates of Americans or that he’s bought and sold several times over. “It’s also that there’s room within the Democratic Party for Manchin and the many others like him.”

Wow. Just wow. So wanting a democratic process is now a problem for the blue checkmarks. Go figure.

A woman responded to Sexton by questioning why Machin calls himself a Democrat.

The way I see it, Manchin is a Democrat. The rest of that party does not represent what Democrats were throughout time. The modern day Democrat is a coastal party that caters to the elites while fooling their constituents by playing the race card and a class warfare game every four years.

And there are idiots who also chime in.

“Gawd and when the GOP takes over the legislature and WH, we lose SS and Medicare Do you think ahead? I’m a Democrat asking a serious question Senator Are you willing to risk SS and Medicare?”

The GOP ran everything for a number of years and never once attempted to remove social security or medicare. In fact, it was the Democrats that once increased taxes on social security recipients, making it so that they received less money. Then, six months later they campaigned that the Republicans wanted to take away their social security.

Author, activist and pro-choice pastor John Pavlovitz said Manchin was “the worst of us.”

[email protected]_JoeManchin is a national tragedy,” he said. “He will be forever remembered as a coward and a grifter who irreparably damaged millions of lives for his own financial gain. The worst of us.”

He claims to be a pastor, and he supports a bill that allows the slaughter of innocent life up until the moment of birth and says the states can not regulate it at all. And he says it’s Manchin who is the worst of us. What the hell is going on with leftists that a pastor supports abortion on demand?

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