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Liberal TikToker Goes Viral After Epic Rant Against Democrats (VIDEO)


You occasionally run into a lefty who acknowledges that the Democrats are putting on a royal shitshow.

It would be a step in the right direction if people could just wake up and understand that that’s where liberal ideology necessarily leads to.

Alex Pearlman is one recent liberal who is becoming increasingly frustrated with the actions of the Democrats in Congress.

That name is probably unfamiliar to you, just as it was to me before I discovered his video.

Pearlman is a TikToker whose most recent video went viral after he vehemently criticized the Democrats for deciding that asking for donations was the appropriate response to the recent Supreme Court ruling that reversed Roe v. Wade.

For Pearlman, the Supreme Court’s Dobbs abortion ruling was the kindling, and some poorly timed Democratic fundraising appeals lit the match. “I’m not going to shut up about this,” Pearlman thunders into the camera, “because I can’t yell at the Republicans. They’re not going to change. . . . But I can yell at the Democratic Party, and I can tell them where they can at least make one f–king small change to stop pissing me the f–k off every hour right now. . . . Stop sending me fundraising requests right now. Okay?”

He goes on to note that Republicans patiently executed a plan over decades to repeal Roe v. Wade and a Supreme Court leaker gave them five weeks’ notice of the Dobbs ruling. The Democrats thus had plenty of time to hatch plans to counter these moves. But no: “Your response after five weeks of careful study and planning and thought has been to send us nonstop fundraising emails,” Pearlman roars before listing a handful of top lawmakers who have net worths in the multimillions.

This video does have a lot of explicit language, so you may not want to watch this at work or in front of kids.

@alex_pearlmanYou ever google stuff to just get angrier?♬ original sound – Alex Pearlman

So, while Pearlman and I may disagree on fundamentals, we are united in our distain of those rich Democrats in Congress.

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