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Liberal Law Professor Excoriates Prosecutors, Media Over ‘Crash and Burn’ of Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Self-proclaimed liberal law professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University published a scathing article this week, taking down, the prosecutors handling the Rittenhouse prosecution and the dishonesty of the liberal press coverage of the case. Writing in the USA Today, Turley noted that the trial is like the parable of the three blind men and the elephant.

There were three blind men who stood by the road and begged for money. One day a man came by, herding an elephant. The three blind men asked the man to stop so they could use their hands to “see” the elephant. The first man placed his hands on the elephant’s side and declared he was like a wall. The second man grabbed a tusk and declared the elephant was round and hard. The third man grabbed the elephant’s trunk and declared that an elephant was snake-like.

Turley wrote:

“The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse increasingly seems like a legal version of the parable of the blind men and the elephant. By only touching discrete parts of the animal, the men describe vastly different animals. In coverage of this trial, one would think that there were parallel trials occurring in Kenosha, Wisconsin.”

Turley went on to say that the prosecutor’s case this week was a series of unforced errors that included key witnesses they called hurting their case and bolstering Rittenhouse’s.

But bad witnesses were not the only blemish for the prosecution. Turley wrote:

It got worse from there, including a glaring constitutional violation by the prosecution when Binger began his cross examination of Rittenhouse by commenting on his decision to remain silent.

The judge correctly tore into the prosecutor. Any first-year law student knows that you cannot comment on the silence of a Mirandized defendant after an arrest under the Fifth Amendment – let alone ignore a court order.

Turley said that because of the bungling by the prosecutors, the case would either wind up being a hung jury or a complete acquittal on the more serious charges against the defendant.

Turley also had unkind words for the extremely biased press and their handling of the case. They have shown the case to be going well for the prosecution, which means when Rittenhouse is acquitted the rioters will see it as racist on the part of the jurors because the lamestream press fails to mention that three men who were shot were white.

Turley named the worst offenders in the press to be MSNBC hosts Tiffany Cross and Joy Reid, as well as commentator Elie Mystal and MSNBC legal analyst Paul Butler.

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