Liberal billionaires are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars behind the Democratic Party in the upcoming midterm election in November, raising questions whether the so-called “blue wave” is really a grassroots effort that activists led many to believe.

Democrats have more support from Billionaires than any other political party. The Republicans do not have a George Soros, Tom Steyers, or Micheal Bloomberg. These billionaires not only support candidates, but they also support Democrat movements like RESIST and #METOO. Conservative rallies are never the scale of Democrat rallies and Marches. Because we fly ourselves to the locations, we make our own signs and stay with other patriots or buy hotel rooms. We fund our own mini social media LIVE productions. They aren’t professional, but they are getting our voices out there. But what you need to know is that the elites, the billionaires and Silicon Valley, they support the Democrats. So when Democrats say President Trump is catering to them, you know it’s not true.

UAF Contributor Marie Penetranti

Source: Liberal billionaires pour hundreds of millions into midterms hoping for Blue Wave