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LGBTQ Book ‘The GayBC’s’ Targets Children Starting @ Age 4

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

I was sent a link to a post on Twitter that shows a video of what appears to be a 4 or 5-year-old boy who is sitting on a woman’s lap as the woman is reading an interactive children’s book with him while going through the alphabet.   Nothing wrong with that, right?  Except, instead of learning his ABC’s he’s being taught his GayBC’s.  Wait, what?

A picture/word book titled The GayBC’s was written by Matt Webb, a gay graphic designer by trade, teaches LGBTQ vocabulary with illustrations and poems to bring gay teaching to readers ages 4 through 8 so that they can be able to “discuss identity with their loved ones.”

In the book, young children can learn the alphabet to ensure parents are having a dialogue with their children about their sexual orientation at a very young age.  Here are some of the alphabet words the book uses.

  • A is for Ally
  • B is for Bi
  • C is for Coming Out
  • G is for Gay. “It’s a word that implies you’re a girl who likes girls, or a guy who likes guys.”
  • I is for Intersex. “Some are born with the parts of both a boy and a girl; bodies are works of art!”
  • P is for Pan. “You connect with a vibe. No matter the gender, it’s about what’s inside.”
  • Q is for Queer
  • T is for Trans.” It’s a brave step to take, to live as the gender you know is innate.”


Remember, the book claims to target children from the age of 4 through 8.

When I saw this, I did a little research on the book, and when I finished I wanted to tear my hair out.  This is child abuse.  This is a horrible idea.  Radical leftists always target their indoctrination programs at very young children, because they know it’s much easier to screw up a person’s mind with their radical norms while they are young and impressionable, and much more difficult when kids hit their teens and begin to realize it’s just indoctrination bullschtein.

It’s one thing to indoctrinate school students into being good little socialists and lovers of big government but it’s a completely different ball of wax to teach different forms of sexuality to 4-year-old children.  I don’t want them teaching heterosexuality to children.   They’re still innocent.  Why can’t the Woke Supremacy just let kids be kids?  Why do they have to damage them for their causes?

Throughout the ages when schools feel students should learn about the birds and the bees they sent a letter home to the parents and the parents decided how to explain it.  I did this with both of my sons.  Nobody wants to do it, but it’s a clinical discussion about how human beings propagate the species.  There’s no sexuality discussion about LGBTQ that propagates the species.  Yes, it’s an important distinction that matters.

Amazon sells this provocative book but they recently banned the documentary film about Justice Clarence Thomas from their Prime streaming service.  We live in an alternate universe.

The author of this scholarly tome says that he learned of his gender identity and sexual orientation at the age of 5.  He said he was in a karate class in his hometown of McMinnville, Tennessee when he figured out that he was different from his brothers.

“I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what was happening, and I remember being very scared and vulnerable,” he said. “I couldn’t tell anybody and ask, ‘What’s this mean?’”

When he grew up, instead of keeping his self-described trauma in his personal mental lockbox he went and created a book that will teach children, most of whom will not have ever in their young and innocent lives considered their sexual orientation, to possibly cause trauma in their lives.  People like this are sick.  They believe they’re doing the children a favor by teaching them things they may have themselves had problems with at a very young age not realizing they are introducing innocent babes to a world they can’t possibly understand.

Just to make it clear to the freaks at Media Matters who may be reading this, I am not condemning gay people or any of the LGBTQ adults who go about living their lives however they want.  God bless them and may they be as happy as anyone else.  I’m talking about adults who prey on children to sexualize, politicize and damage them because of some need they have to fulfill in order to work out their own psychological problems.  I’m sorry, but in our society, we don’t teach very young children about sexuality, any kind of sexuality.  Let them be kids.

Lindsay Amer of the YouTube channel Queer Kid Stuff which provides educational LGBTQ+ videos for all ages thinks the book should be in families’ libraries.  Families without young children in the house, no problem.  I’m trying to be reasonable here.  Adults can do whatever they want, but please let your children alone.



  1. ricardo nuanez

    March 1, 2021 at 1:27 am

    this is bad, i beleive even illegal. sick, I bet a democrate came up with this crap

    • Sue Ann Erickson

      March 3, 2021 at 4:23 pm

      It’s grooming, plain and simple. Criminal. And then those who believe in the Bible and it’s principles are ridiculed for their beliefs. If this society does not kill the children before they are born, they attempt to screw up their minds with this garbage.
      “It would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” Luke 17:2

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