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Levin on Hannity Warns Democrats Will Throw out the Constitution and Declaration of Independence if Trump Loses on Tuesday

On Thursday, Mark Levin made an appearance on “Hannity” and he warned that the American experiment as we have known it is on the ballot in this election. The “Life, Liberty & Levin” host told Sean Hannity that despite threats from Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), that Democrats may pack the Supreme Court, the high bench “doesn’t belong to Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or the Democratic Party.”

“Keep your damn hands off the Supreme Court,” Levin warned Schumer.  “That belongs to the American people … Keep your hands off the United States Senate. They’ve been talking about packing the Senate with DC and Puerto Rico for years and years. Now they think they have an opportunity.”

It’s almost as if the Democrats want to start a violent revolution because they are making threats to change our country into something we would never recognize with total government control over our lives.  Americans have it in the DNA to not trust government and to demand their freedoms and liberties, and the Democrats are literally threatening to take all of it away.

Levin added pointed out that Joe Biden would likely listen to the progressives in his party to make moves to get rid of the Electoral College system, which would deprive Middle America from making their votes count, as presidential candidates would only care about New York, California and Illinois.

“These same Democrats have attacked the Bill of Rights. They’ve made an effort to amend the First Amendment of the Constitution because they don’t believe in free speech,” he said. “And Kamala Harris has talked about using executive orders to eliminate the Second Amendment. They have gone after religious liberty. They have gone after freedom of the press. That’s who these people are. This is a party that’s tyrannical.

“They want to take over the federal government. They want to take over the Supreme Court, to take over Congress, take over the voting system.”

The Great One explained that after the Democrats do what they are threatening to do, which is to pack the courts with enough leftist activist justices to never again see a ruling in favor of the Constitution, to add Puerto Rico and Washington, DC as states to add 4 more Democrat senators to never get an originalist justice on the court ever again, and to get rid of the filibuster rule in the Senate to allow Democrats to pass anything they want, Americans will be “swearing allegiance to the Democratic Party and not the United States of America,” and that’s not hyperbole.  Democrats do not believe the American people, those that politicians work for, should be in charge and they want to rig the American system in their favor regardless of how out of the mainstream they become.

They are really threatening our way of life, because everything they now stand for goes completely contrary to the America we know and love.

“I have a question for those people who are thinking about voting for Joe Biden. What the hell has Joe Biden done in 47 years … what does he have to show for it? He never fixed anything,” Levin added.

Now you know why the mainstream news media, the Democratic Party, academia, Hollywood, and social media have constructed a false narrative about Trump that he is a racist, he worked with the Russians to win in 2016, impeached him for something Joe Biden actually did, he’s is need of the 25th Amendment to remove him from office because he’s mentally unfit to server as president, and he’s making money off the influence of his office.  All blatant, bald-faced lies, but pushed anyway since the day he came down the escalator to announce he was running for president, all as election interference for 2016 and now this coming Tuesday.  It was all a scheme to make Trump look not electable, and it might have worked, except even the people who believe half the excrement sandwich the degenerates on the Left have handed them for four straight years, Trump’s achievements during his first term cannot be overlooked.  They are palpable in that most Americans know that prior to the Chinese virus pandemic, Trump’s efforts made America great again and that made their lives better.

“Let me tell you what’s on the ballot, America: The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, or this crap,” he continued, holding up a dossier. “[The] 110 page Sanders-Biden-AOC manifesto. This 110-page document will replace these documents. Do you know what’s in here? Every aspect of your life. Your lifestyle, your family, your community, your neighborhood is going to be micro-managed by these crackpots on the left. The courts, Congress, the voting system, legislative system, they’re not going to surrender. We will never get it back.”

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