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Leftist Writer Calls for Parenthood to Be Abolished to Achieve Equity…Give Your Children to the Homeless or the State

A writer is proposing that California abolish parenthood in order that the state of California can achieve true equity. I thought they banned drugs from campus. But he is not the dumbest person on campus. That honor belongs to the Nimrod or Nimrods that hired him. So, what happens to your children? You give them to the homeless or to the state naturally.

The insane proposal appeared in an article in the “opinion” section of the Ventura County Star, a daily paper owned by Gannett, the largest newspaper company in the country.

It makes good lining for your birdcage and works well with Windex on your car windows, but besides that is of little use. But never use it as toilet paper as two types of crap do not go well together.

The author of the piece is Joe Mathews – a co-president of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy.

That group allegedly is “dedicated to those active on issues of direct democracy, participation and citizens’ rights around the world.”

The reason that Matthews made this proposal is those hard-working parents who make a good living pass these advantages down to their children which creates inequity.

I guess I should have given everyone a boot alert before writing that. He may not be quite as moronic as he seems.

I understand he finished in the top 9% of his class in kindergarten before tapering off later in school.

From The Blaze

The radical proposal calls for wealthy parents to “trade” kids with poor families and vice-versa. Mathews – who describes himself as a “dad” in his Twitter profile – even suggests, “Homeowners might swap children with their homeless neighbors.”

“Now, I recognize that some naysayers will dismiss such a policy as ghastly, even totalitarian. But my proposal is quite modest, a fusion of traditional philosophy and today’s most common political obsessions,” Mathews writes.

Some commenters hypothesize that in that sentence, the writer is channeling his inner Jonathan Swift – an Irish satirist who wrote a satirical essay titled “A Modest Proposal” that explored impoverished families selling their children as food to the wealthy.

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