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Attacking Trump

Leftist Tactics: Republicans Find Filled Body Bags and Anti-Trump Messages on Their Doorsteps

With so many politicians and their media allies accepting funding and promotion from foreign Governments and businesses that push back against the American Republic, to see body bags show up on Republican lawmaker’s doorsteps is a dangerous optic for people who are paying attention.

At a time when the country is deeply divided over the Presidential election, and over what are the acceptable powers of elected civil servants to shut down our economy and public institutions, to have their political opponents out using brute force to shut down the election process, and to taunt concerned Americans is a dangerous recipe.

This story shows the lengths to which the left will go to demand their way, to frighten people, and to destroy what civility may be left, as they attempt to win, “by any means necessary,” something the right is not equipped or able to comprehend.

After months of riots, crime sprees, abuse and even murder of Trump supporters, filled body bags is not a simple message.

The Western Journal recently reported:

“Republican senators who have rejected COVID relief packages that are the brainchild of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were targeted in a protest Tuesday in which body bags were left at their doors.

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell and Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina were the focus of the protest.

At each senator’s Washington, D.C.-area residence, protesters dragged body bags from a truck and dumped them out front.”

Is it funny and just cute political theater, or is this a tactic designed to damage the peace of our society, to scare people, to push an agenda of fear? Knowing how the left works as a former Community Organizer, I will tell you, it is designed to paralyze the right because that is the intent of almost everything the left does.

This is not a simple “prank”. This is meant to hurt and scare the mind, and it is an enjoyable pursuit to the left:

The purpose of the left is to push boundaries, erode acceptable civility, and shock people with fear because then people are easier to beat. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to reason with the left because they are steadfast in beating the Republic.

The are not interested in debate or compromise.

Nothing had been done to control or stop the left in at least 30 years before President Donald J. Trump made some attempts, and many people are not assisting him at his level. It is unclear what steps he can take now to stop them from having their ultimate glory of boldly stealing a US Presidential election and shoving the celebration in our faces.

As time goes by, it seems we are losing more than we are gaining to the delight of the left, who apparently find zero value in their own loss of freedom and liberty. We have been invaded from within, and they are in full-blown revolt against us, while we are constrained with praying that the law will kick in at some point and protect our businesses and our families and futures.

Of course this is just putting words to what I hear so many concerned Americans saying.

Having Americans out in the streets with body bags to taunt our few guardians of the law is dispiriting, to say the least, and we are being assaulted with the political theater to hurt us. It is like living in a house with violent addicts.

And no, it is not normal.

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