UAF Contributor: Jane Darcy

One needn’t look far to find evidence that leftist, progressive policies lead to the downfall of a civilization. What better example than California? If California were a nation, it would currently rank as the fifth largest economy in the world(2), just behind Germany(3). This is by far, no small feat. How does a seemingly booming state become the pariah of a nation?

Over the past 30 years, California has increasingly elected leftist progressive politicians to its state government. In the 1993/1994 legislative session under Republican Governor Pete Wilson, the State Assembly was 45% Republican, 50% Democrat, and 5% Independent while the State Senate was 41% Republican and 59% Democrat. This is a fairly even split, forcing government to enact policies that appealed to both parties. Fast forward to the 2019/2020 legislative session under Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. The State Assembly is currently made up of 28% Republicans and 72% Democrats, while the State Assembly is 23% Republican, 76% Democrat, and 1% vacant. This allows one party rule in a state dominated by the two metropolitan areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In a Fox News article, “San Francisco homeless stats soar: city blames big business, residents blame officials,” the woeful and outright disgusting conditions of a once beautiful city are outlined(1). Numerous concerned citizens shared stories of being harassed, threatened, and assaulted by the ever increasing homeless population. The article states, “Last week, Austin Vincent, a homeless man, was caught on camera attacking a 26-year-old woman outside her condo complex. As he threw Paneez Kosarian on the ground, he allegedly talked about saving her from robots and offered to kill another woman nearby so he could earn her trust.” Mr. Vincent was released by Jerry Brown appointed Superior Court Judge Christine Van Aken. He was arrested again for an assault against a female involving a knife following his release.

In the city of San Francisco, an adult can no longer use a vape device, however public nudity and using heroin in the streets are allowed.

The deplorable conditions are not isolated to San Francisco. This week Sacramento small business owner Elizabeth Novak called out Governor Gavin Newsom for deplorable conditions there(5). She is being forced to close her hair salon that has been in operation for 15 years because she has to clean human waste and syringes off of her doorstep when she opens every morning. She has to ask the homeless individuals camped on her doorstep to move their tents. She has been forced to fight drug addicted individuals who come into her shop threatening violence because they are still on the streets. When she speaks to police, they explain how their hands are tied because of current progressive laws enacted by the Governor and state legislature. She pleads with Mr. Newsom about what he is going to do for the hardworking taxpayer in the state of California(5). I’m sure her pleas will fall on deaf ears.

In a state with the 11th highest tax burden (4) on its residents in the nation, one would think social services would be abundant. Think again. Public education funds are perpetually missing, the state’s crumbling infrastructure leads many to ask where the astronomically high fuel taxes are going, and the state employee retirement system is woefully underfunded. Add to all this the increased burden of being a “sanctuary state.” The County of Los Angeles alone spent over $680 million in one year funding programs for illegal immigrants.


The burden of leftist, progressive policies is ever increasing on the hardworking middle class of California and the number of taxpayers to share that burden is decreasing. The OC Register reported that 142,932 more individuals left the state of California in 2016 than moved there. This is the second largest outflow from state behind New York, an 11% increase over 2015. The state’s outmigration has continued to increase over the past 2 decades, even while the state’s total population is increasing. How can this occur? One word: immigration(6). Immigrants are attracted to a state that welcomes them with open arms and open pocketbooks.

This is just a short list of the problems progressives have caused California. We haven’t touched on the healthcare for all illegals initiative, the high speed rail to nowhere, and the environmental regulations the kill industries such as agriculture and trucking. Anna Suarez put it best when speaking of San Francisco, “The city is running out of strategies. I’m moving to Austin.” We can only hope the progressive ideology stays behind

Source: San Francisco homeless stats soar: city blames big business, residents blame officials