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Leftist Loudon County Wants to Suspend Maskless Kids, But Not a Transgender Rapist

The school board in Loudoun County, Virginia is one of the sleaziest in the United States. You cannot be suspended for rape, but you can be suspended for not wearing a mask. So, let me get this straight. You can rape a girl without getting in trouble as long as you wear your mask?

And how about the girl? When the transgender male forced her to give him oral sex, she couldn’t have been wearing her mask. So, they could suspend her? I guess the left has amended one of their favorite sayings that “You can always trust the school board.”

They transferred the transgender student to another school where there was another sexual assault committed by him. So, do students who don’t wear masks get a second chance? Am I the only person in America that just doesn’t get it?

The school sent a letter to some parents, which read:

Beginning on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, students who willfully continue to refuse to follow COVID mitigation measures as required by Loudoun County Public Schools will be suspended from school in relation to Violation of School Board Policy 8210, Introduction to Student Discipline, Section F.2. Willful or continued disobedience of school rules and regulation of school personnel; 3. Defiance of the authority of any teacher, principal or other person having authority on the school board.

The letter continued,

A student who is suspended because of non-compliance with COVID-mitigation measures may return to school only when they agree to follow COVID-mitigation measures throughout the entire school day and at all indoor school-related events.

From PJ Media

Three Loudoun County families are suing the school district over the mask mandate.

Loudoun County isn’t the only school system with mask trouble. Washougal High School students in Washougal, Wash., planned a walkout today over mask mandates.

Here is the question I can’t get a liberal parent to answer: why would you vote for a party that coddles a trans rapist, and rather than suspends him, sends him to another school where he assaults another young girl? Now add the fact that those same people are trying to suspend kids for obeying the law, but wouldn’t toss a sexual fiend out.

At least the miscreant will have to register as a sexual predator, right? Oh, wait.

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