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Leftist Editor Attacks Actor, Writer, Producer Jamie Kennedy During Interview Because he Played a Role in a Pro-Life Film

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

The Pro-Life film, “Roe v. Wade” that aims to tell the true story surrounding the landmark 1973 Supreme Court Case which unconstitutionally granted women the right to kill their unborn baby is already causing critics from the politically correct death squad on the Left to lose their marbles, enough to make a visit to the giggle house.

One loony leftist from The Daily Beast senior entertainment editor freaked out during an interview with one actor in the film.

Marlow Stern interviewed actor, writer, and producer, Jamie Kennedy, one of the actors in the film. Well, it wasn’t really an interview. It more resembled something like a mental stress session for the Woke interviewer who came off as if he wanted to give his own performance of aggression to solidify his baby-killing street creds to the rest of the Woke Supremacy by asking open-ended questions trying to bully the actor for taking a role in the film that Stern designated “a creepy propaganda film.”

During the interview, Kennedy who is famous for his role in the movie “Scream” described himself as a “centrist” who was interested in getting involved with the film because, as he said, it’s an “important story.” Big mistake. Everyone knows that you have to tell a leftist ideologue interviewing you that you’re completely beholden to the Woke Supremacy, especially if you’re an actor in Hollywood. It’s utterly required these days.

The first thing I would have asked this guy is why is a senior entertainment editor bringing politics into an interview with an actor who just did his job, you know, by acting? It’s not enough that the left wants to shove their ideology down our throats and you must comply – you will comply – but now they’re attacking people just for doing their job and accusing them of being of the wrong ideology at the same time. I would have fired this clown for embarrassing the leftist blog, but that’s exactly what a liberal rag like The Daily Beast wants.

Kennedy identifying as a centrist wasn’t good enough for the interviewer who should be thankful that his mother didn’t abort him. He treated the actor like an aberration in the film that was produced by Cathy Allyn and Nick Loeb and featured a cast of prominent conservatives, including Jon Voight, Roger Stone, Stacey Dash, Robert Davi, and even Tomi Lahren.

Leftists for a long time have been trying to shove conservatives out of their marketplaces, so the conservatives started doing things on their own without using leftists, and that’s still not good enough. These evil b*st*rds – and they are evil – want to wipe conservatives out as far as their craft and their body of work are concerned. And it’s not just in Hollywood, as we have seen over the last year Cancel Culture will hit anyone who doesn’t take the knee before the Woke Supremacy.

I say it wasn’t really an interview because instead of asking real questions and then letting the actor speak for himself about why he chose to take the role and about his own experiences, Stern attacked Kennedy on claims that were made in the movie about the killing babies industry and the history of Roe v Wade, trying to force the actor to believe that he was somehow duped into “one of the most appalling movies of the year.”

Who does this guy think he is? He’s a writer for a leftist blog site. I’m a writer for a conservative blog site. I would never go after a Politically Correct Death Squad advocate in his face the way this clown went after an actor who told him he’s a centrist.

Kennedy explained early on that he became attracted to the controversial topic of the film and added that the producers did their level best to explain where they were getting their script ideas from.

“They introduced me to a lot of the history of Margaret Sanger, Larry Lader, and Planned Parenthood. I knew it was going to be a hot-button issue going in, but I saw what they were quoting from, and I was like, ‘That’s interesting. I didn’t know that,'” Kennedy told the leftist blogger. “They said everything in this movie was taken from books. Whether they took some liberties, I don’t know. I didn’t fact-check everything.”

Stern interrupted Kennedy to argue, “There were a lot of liberties taken,” before going off on a breakdown of each scene in an attempt to tell an actor who played a part in a movie for money of the historical inaccuracies reflected in the film. At this point, I can almost guarantee you that there were no historical inaccuracies, just truths that are not approved by the Supremacy. Any inaccuracies on the subject are what the Planned Parenthood types have spread throughout our society and knuckleheads like this guy believe them.

Stern picked on Kennedy precisely because of the role he played, as if Kennedy chose that role for himself because it was his lifelong dream or something. The role he played was Larry Lader, a student of Margaret Sanger who created the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and Stern also argued Planned Parenthood’s claim that abortions are only 3 percent of what they do, which is a lie in itself.

Many of the things that Planned Parenthood says that they do outside of abortions are outsourced to other clinics. For example, you can’t claim that you do mammograms when you send women off to a different clinic to have the mammogram done. That’s not doing a mammogram, that’s referring the patient to another clinic. Plan Parenthood pushes this idea so that they can lie about the fact that the majority of their work is abortion.

Immediately, Stern jumped in to assert,” There were a lot of liberties taken,” before setting off on a scene-by-scene breakdown of what he viewed were historical inaccuracies reflected in the film. Such inaccuracies had to do with everything from the film’s depiction of Kennedy’s character, Larry Lader, a student of Margaret Sanger who founded the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), to Planned Parenthood’s claim that abortions are only 3% of what the organization does.

That lie is like the Left’s illegal immigration lie. Everyone who is for illegal immigration says that the number of illegals in this country is 11 million. It has been 11 million for over 25 years. You would think they would give people listening to that bullschtein a little credit in understanding that when tens of thousands of illegals cross our border every month that the numbers going to go up from 11 million after 25 years. That is what the Left does, they figure out a number and they stick to it religiously, the whole Klan.

“Are you worried that you got roped into a right-wing anti-abortion film?” Stern directly asked Kennedy, to which he responded, “I mean, yes and no.”

When talking about the subject of abortion for himself personally, Kennedy said, “When I started this movie, I was pro-choice. As I did this movie, I am still pro-choice, but I got educated on certain things that I have questions about, and I believe that, ultimately, it’s a woman’s right to choose. But I do have questions.”

Again, that wasn’t enough for Stern as he got upset by that answer.

“I think you have been sold a false bill of goods here” and “this seems to be a pretty insidious right-wing propaganda film that you’ve found yourself in.”

I would have gotten up out of the chair, looked Stern straight in the eye, and said, “Go screw yourself, I’m out of here.”

At no point during the interview did Kennedy say directly or without provocation that he was conned into taking a part in the film. Nor did he ever say that he totally regretted it. Yet, in promoting the interview, Stern suggested that Kennedy was obviously “misled” into appearing in the film. That’s because leftists lie all the time, especially about their holy sacrament, abortion.

Apparently Stern and others of his leftist ilk have no problem with other movies telling a memorable story that stretches the truth and takes liberties with facts to twist the truth, but they will go out of their way to attack any piece of art that goes against the Woke Supremacy’s orthodoxy of killing unborn babies.



  1. Charles Smith

    April 3, 2021 at 1:08 pm

    When there is no consequences regarding what one says or does, it matters little what that one says, as it may or may not reflect truth. And truth is the only thing that holds a society together, therefore we perish for the lack thereof.

    • Soulfly64

      April 11, 2021 at 12:14 pm

      See the problem here though it is much deeper. The problem here is that The left wants you to think that this is about fighting for women’s rights on their right to choose what they wanna do with their bodies. But the fact of the matter is is that the Democrats actually promoted abortion for one reason and one reason only, and that was to make blacks a minority. Which now they are using that very term minority blacks to push an agenda like blacks have no control over their life. They are the minority they are the poor black stay no they don’t get a chance to enrich their lives or make something of themselves when the fact of the matter is, We can look around in every area in every career and see that that’s not true. So when they go after someone who is maybe speaking their truth or their beliefs now it’s not allowed to go against well actually you don’t have the freedom to speak if you’re not on the left now. Which I would like someone to show me when the right has ever done that. I want someone to show me that when President Trump was in for four years did he silence anyone. No he didn’t did white politicians talk about putting left politicians in reeducation camps a.k.a. Concentration camps because that’s what they are. No but AOC and many people on the left have no problem talking about that stuff. So in a nutshell throughout the years the Democrats have pushed pro abortion for one agenda and one agenda only and that was to make blacks and minority which now they are using in their political progressive agenda to go along with the great reset that’s what all this is about and if people think the great reset is some conspiracy theory then you need to do your research on Claude Schwab the economic forum, that all world leaders meet once a year with the world economic forum and Davos.
      So I guess conspiracy theories meet once a year yeah I don’t know. I guess Al Gore is on the board of a conspiracy theory

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