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Leftist Busted: Is the DeFund the Police Movement Really a Huge Mental Health Crisis? ‘Black Trans Drug Users Matter’ Advocate Sets up NYPD

Transgender activists posted online about another Transgender “woman” who was having a mental health crisis and needed police intervention enough that it was determined someone should contact the NYPD for help,  and the advocates took the opportunity to post that they were unhappy with the background of the law enforcement officers who answered a 911 call, and the police procedures enacted to safely remove the person in danger.

The Transgender “woman” who placed the call also made a video and said that there was the hope of someone to intervene for the “Black trans woman” who had a mental health and counseling background because the law enforcement officers were too scary.

Before the Trans Activist posted on the night of the 30th, about the mental crisis of another Trans person, interestingly the same activist had come to the conclusion that police and emergency medical people were murderous on the morning of the June 29:

But that did not stop them from calling 911, and reporting concern for a friend.

One poster on Twitter following the story of the 30th,  posted, “This is why we need mental health wards open and available again. So people can go to facilities where they can get the real help they need. This is clearly not the first incident for your friend, and she needs real help and evaluation.”

Instead of medical facilities for mental health crises, the group of activists wants heightened sensitivity from all public officials,  to the mental health crisis of Trans people.

The situation ended peacefully, with the person getting help, however the advocate was not happy.

The following is a series of Tweets between Transgender activists that helps us gain a valuable perspective on what exactly these social justice advocates want of us and public officials:

Apparently the activists want people to better understand how they have “Triggered”  an unlawful response to law enforcement.

This is where a White “Trans woman”, who is a member of Black Drug Unsers Matters,  doxxes a Black female Police officer:

It is unclear where the defunding of the Police will lead for New York City.  It is the stated objected of the Democrats to defund law enforcement and fund Social Workers who are getting training from far-left radical groups on how to facilitate safety during this mental health calls.

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