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Leftist Activist Throws ‘Summer Of Rage’, No Moms For Liberty Show Up

I do question whether Wye Hill will be doing background checks on all of their future customers…

This week a political controversy was intentionally plotted, planned, and orchestrated by a Progressive Democrat activist woman who admitted she had infiltrated a group of area Moms with fraudulent intent, under a false premise, and intended to harass the members of that group- for some yet known reason.

It might be because she has planned a ‘Summer of Rage’ and needs people to pay attention to her.

In fact, ruining another woman’s happy hour and then bragging about the deed on TikTok was described by this activist as ‘the happiest day of my life’ according to her Facebook page.

That is not loving people or being inclusive.

“I was giving Wye Hill the courtesy of knowing a large group of women was coming in for a happy hour, of between 20 and 30 people, and I thought they would want to be prepared,” Julie Page told me,” we didn’t have to do that- we could have just gone in”.

“I was trying to be respectful of their people, their time and to have supplies ready.  I worked in a restaurant, I know having an expectation of what is going to happen that night is important,” she told me.

Page made a reservation but then was canceled by the venue for being a member of a group the venue didn’t like.

Here is a screenshot of her Facebook message to the venue, Wye Hill, from Saturday:

First, Page contacted the restaurant via Facebook Messenger and got no response. So then she followed up by phone and made the reservations- with the exact details- which were accepted and then confirmed:

The reservation was made on Monday by phone, confirmed by email, and canceled by email on Wednesday.

In his article for Eaters Carolinas, author Matt Lardie identifies the culprit who caused the cancelation, who appears to be designing a harassment campaign against Conservative Moms. He appears to be ok with that- because the women in a group photo, as he points out, are all White.

In “Raleigh’s Wye Hill Stirs Up Controversy After Cancelling Conservative Group Event , Supporters of Moms 4 Liberty wage an online war on the restaurant, Lardie, himself inaccurately describes the actions of Julie Page, the intent of the event that was suddenly canceled by Wye Hill,  and the activity of her association- Moms For Liberty Wake Co.

Here is the invitation to her Happy Hour, with nothing to do with Moms For Liberty and the location is not listed, giving anyone a hint of where the party was to be held:

While Lardie’s article is highly inaccurate and no one from the Mom’s group was contacted for comment about his claims, Lardie seems to have the correct information about the woman who is making a spectacle of this whole thing, for some reason.

From Lardie’s article:

“Katherine Johnson, a local pre-law student, is the one who alerted the restaurant to the connection between the event reservation and the group. Johnson gained access to the Wake Moms 4 Liberty chapter.”

“It was easy to get into their chapter. All you need is an email address,” Johnson says. She knew that Wye Hill promotes inclusion and equality, citing the “Black Lives Matter” painting on the side of the restaurant’s building. “I knew that this could not happen.”

A pre-law student?  Wow. How is this kind of activism and harassment legal?

Nowhere does Lardie question the ethics of whether a restaurant has the right to accept and then cancel- thereby denying service to a woman who made a reservation for a simple Happy Hour with friends, because of the customer’s association with a group.

“This was not a Moms for Liberty event- it was a social Happy Hour. They never would have known Moms for Liberty group members were in their restaurant if we had been allowed to keep our reservation,” Page told me, reminding me that she has a regular place for her meetings, the Shrine Club of Raleigh and that she wouldn’t have gone to the restaurant for any sort of meeting.

Instead of investigating her intention for the meeting Wye Hill slammed the group and canceled the premade reservation.

Page got an email canceling her Happy Hour a day and a half before the event was supposed to happen. Saying the event was canceled and accusing her and her group of crimes.

I covered the story of the cancelation, the text of the email, and Johnson’s immediate victory dance on TIK TOK here:

EXCLUSIVE! Mom Gets Canceled From Happy Hour, Leftist Brags And Then Threatens Her On Tik Tok

The restaurant, Wye Hill, has refused to answer any questions or give any statements to Page or any of her associates, or to respond to media inquires- including from me- over why they sent such a vicious and nasty letter to Page over the simple reason that she also belongs to a group they apparently do not like.

We are learning that the cancelation may have something to do with controversial books in public school libraries.  Notice the talking point is the book sale was made prior to the reservation.

Find an advertisement for the book sale before Saturday- we can’t.

The mainstream media, msn, is running cover for the group and activists are joining in – claiming that Wye Hill were having a book sale this weekend of graphic novels that teach children about LGBTQ.  The decision to have that book sale happened about 12 hours after I made a media inquiry about the cancelation.  Notice the date- their sale was announced a day and a half after the cancelation.  But kudos for perfect gaslighting.

Page received no notice of any conflict with a book sale. This is another disrespect by people who simply want to hurt a group of Moms.

Page made her original inquiry on Saturday Night. There is no indication that there was any book sale scheduled by WYe Hill before that day for Page to have seen. June 9th after the cancelation is the first indication we found of any book sale mentioned anywhere.

Remember that this woman, Katherine Johnson- who started this whole thing- was invited to join the group, her membership was accepted, and she has given the address to the party. So how is that not being inclusive?

I do question whether Wye Hill will be doing background checks on all of their future customers to root out any associations a customer may have- with which they disagree, and if all customers must support and affirm the highly controversial books- if they want to do business there.

In fact, it is Wye Hill who is not being inclusive, and it is Katherine Johnson who is not being inclusive.  And in fact all of the meanness and ‘war’ is one-sided.

Katherine Johnson is not being inclusive either, while accusing the Moms For Liberty Wake Co chapter of being a whole bunch of bad things- has planned a ‘Summer of Rage’ and is using the controversy she singlehandedly started as a jumping board to raise interest in her political activism of harassment and rage.

According to Johnson’s public Facebook Page, on June 10, the entry there says she started a website about nine days ago to organize her activism for ‘Project Progress.’

Johnson asks her members to take a pledge for the ‘Summer of Rage.’  Moms For Liberty has no such pledge; even as Johnson admits, the Moms For Liberty group is pretty inclusive and easy to join.

Here is Johnson’s Rage machine request to ‘Flip North Carolina Blue’

Moms For Liberty Wake Co- is a bipartisan group.  Before the NC Primaries, Julie Page hosted Democrat and Republican candidates at an event for members to get to know their candidates. The meeting was very well attended, with about 250 people in attendance and candidates from both sides who spoke who were allowed to speak freely.  There were no disagreements at all everyone had a good time.

Neither Julie nor the group plans any time of protests against the restaurant in response to their discrimination of her.

The work of Moms for Liberty -Wake Co will continue to focus on the best candidates for the Wake Co school board and other concerns that parents of school children have.

And Julie has stated openly that her group is open to all, including Democrats, as her mission is to protect the American family.

We have no proof that this “Summer of Rage”  is the motivation for Johnson’s actions, but we can make the mental leap that the attack on Julie- like Mom’s for Liberty- is a planned attack by Johnson- to escalate her own activism.

Both Julie and Moms For Liberty- Wake Co- want to de-escalate the potential of any sort of rage and intimidation that could turn into political violence.

Moms For Liberty Wake Co believe that we can do that while simultaneously defending our rights as parents and Americans, which is why Julie has chosen to have a spokesperson – at this time.

Julie and the group want to escalate the civility of conversation about debate and compromise as a society.  For anyone to describe this group as causing an online war, is ridiculous.

However, in the free market, people will react as they will to the knowledge that Wye Hill, who is focused on selling books to children this week, denied service to a Mom because they believed her to be Conservative- and the author added- has White looking skin.

Yes- that is where we are in the new America. The conversation over this type of cancel culture should be bi-partisian.

Who has the right to enter a restaurant?  For Wye Hill- no Conservative White Moms, we guess. They won’t say- they are not talking.

Neither Moms for Liberty Wake Co nor Julie Page want to harm Wye Hill, which is a small business. Both Julie and Moms For Wake are pro-small businesses.

The list of reasons Katherine Johnson is offended about Julie Page making a reservation at a restaurant to have a Happy Hour with friends does not match reality in the grown-up world- if you ask me.

And by the way, a local Raleigh area welcomed the group-on Friday- with open arms and even picked up the entire tab.

Ironically- in the same venue was a group of about 25 young people in progressive NC blue t-shirts having a great time. No one was upset at all.

Fun was had by all.

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism. @Saorsa1776

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1 Comment

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    June 12, 2022 at 11:32 pm

    Thank you Kari!

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