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Attacking Trump

LEAKED AUDIO: Joe Biden Laughs with Former Ukrainian President about Sabotaging Trump’s Campaign in 2016

What appears to be rarer than an eclipse, is finding a Democratic politician who has ethics. Even though they are in the public square, and depending upon their potion their calls will be recorded, but this doesn’t seem to affect their conversations much.

Remember former VP Biden’s comments concerning a call he made?

In this clip from a January 2018 appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations, former Vice President Joe Biden seems to brag about threatening to withhold military aid to Ukraine as a pressure tactic to force the firing of a prosecutor he did not like.

“And I was supposed to announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee. And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor. And they didn’t.”

Mr. Biden and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, have been shown to be unethical, self-serving, and comfortable working with each other. The old adage, Birds of a feather flock together, was on display with these two. Joe used this relationship with Poroshenko, to help secure a seat for his son, Hunter, on the corrupt board of Burisma Holdings, a major Ukrainian natural gas producer, from 2014 to 2019. In addition, as he brags in the video, Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars from Ukraine, who as the time was in a military conflict with Russia over Crimea, if Poroshenko did not fire the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma.

The more people look into their relation, the more ethical challenges you find.

From Big League Politics

shocking new audio release from 2016 of then-Vice President Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko shows the two men laughing at the sabotage of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which at the time was fledgling.

Poroshenko and Biden talked on Aug. 19, 2016 about the release of the infamous ‘black ledger’ allegedly showing how former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort received illicit payments from former Ukrainian President Yanykovych. They cackled about how the entire document release was orchestrated.

“And another thing, it’s just a joke. We release the important documents from the former Regions Party,” Poroshenko said to Biden.

“And as far as I understand, one of the key advisers of Mr. Trump, so-called Paul Manafort, is resigned today,” Poroshenko added, laughing about the supposed misfortune of the Trump campaign.

“Yes. Yeah. I think he’s going back to Russia. I don’t know,” replied Biden.

“And I think that this was a bad idea to take the Yanukovych adviser to the Trump team,” Poroshenko said to Biden after laughing.

“Yes, I think so, too. But there are a lot of bad decisions he’s making,” Biden responded.

The leaked audio of the exchange between Biden and Poroshenko can be heard here:

Just as with other events in Joe Biden’s corrupt and self-serving years as a government employee, the leftist controlled media will spin this and any other negative story, though truthful and evidence-based, to be taken out of context and part of a far-right conspiracy to protect President Trump. It’s all of our jobs to hold our politicians accountable, after that it’s up to each person to do with it the information as they see fit. I am hoping most people, for the future of our nation, take a stand and say, No To Joe!

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