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Lawsuit Alleges Former CIA Employees Were Hired By Qatar To Hack A Republican Financier

Investigative reporter Sara Carter is reporting that a conservative financier is suing Qatar after they allegedly hired retired CIA employees to hack his account digging for negative information on him after hem criticized Qatar.

Republican financier Elliott Broidy says that Qatar hired not only CIA employees but military intelligence officers as well.

Broidy says that they led the attack on him and his business. He claims that it is a criminal enterprise.

I would think that those people, who were hired by Qatar, would have federal charges if Broidy’s information is correct.

I would think the charges against them would be devastating to the agents involved since they were working with a country that opposes the United States.

It could be considered treasonous. has spoken to people familiar with the situation and the lawsuit was reviewed by Sara Carter and she says the charges are explosive.

Broidy’s complaint alleges that Qatar hired an American company that hires former CIA, NSA, and military intelligence agents to hack his computer to garner information against him. He says that they are trying to discredit him.

From Saraacarter,com

He states that Global Risk Advisors (GRA), a New York-based private security firm whose employees are considered highly trained specialists by the U.S. Intelligence Community, was hired and paid a substantial amount of money to conduct the illegal operation against his company. The court filing stated that GRA had received more than $100 million from Qatar to hack, surveil, and silence American citizens, as well as others, who had been critical of the oil-rich state.

GRA did not immediately respond to an email for fair comment. also called the general One World Trade Center phone number, which is listed as their office location on GRA’s website. They informed this website that the company is no longer located in the building. This story will be updated if and when Chalker or a representative for GRA responds. 

Broidy stated in the suit that the operation against him was due to his “high-profile criticism of Qatar.”  His complaint includes detailed information about how GRA’s  “world-class hackers,” targeted him personally, along with FIFA Officials, who had oversight regarding the country’s World Cup 2022 Bid. Broidy’s lawsuit comes in the wake of other allegations that Qatar peddles influence and allegedly bribed FIFA officials to secure the 2022 World Cup, as reported by The New York Times. 

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