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Lauren Boebert Reported to FBI for Joking About Biden’s Teleprompter Issues

This is getting ridiculous.

If someone fails at every aspect of their job, they usually get fired. When it’s obvious that you cannot meet the demands and responsibilities of that job, your employer must replace you. The American public employs the President of the United States.

Witnessing the total collapse of our economy, inflation, our plummeting respect internationally, and the current level of our national security crisis, Joe Biden hasn’t done one thing right. He is an abject failure. If Joe Biden were an employed worker, he’d have been “terminated” long ago.

The American people, as Biden’s true employer, are fed up with his job performance. In virtually every poll, Joe Biden’s approval rating among American voters is the worst in polling history.

Americans want, and sorely need, a “new person” in the White House.

It’s time for Joe Biden to go. However, our nation has over two more years of Joe Biden’s destructive leadership remaining.

Can we survive? In November, voters will surely try to balance the scales until such a time that they can vote this destructive dunderhead out of office.

But some think the “time is now” to “terminate this presidency.” Virtually all conservative Republicans and a growing number of Democrats agree. Some are saying it out loud.

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert did just that. But her tweet was totally misconstrued.

Like millions of Americans, Boebert wishes it was time to send Joe and Jill packing out of the White House.

In a funny reference to yet another Joe Biden teleprompter blunder, Boebert tweeted, “We need to terminate this presidency. End quote. Repeat the line.”

Anyone with half a brain would realize this wasn’t some sort of call to “terminate” as in ending his life. Nevertheless, someone from the insane left reported Boebert’s innocent tweet to the FBI.

Illegal drugs are spewing across our southern border, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. Drug cartels are getting rich on Joe Biden’s open border agenda. Our once proud major cities are plagued with a crime epidemic as bad as we’ve seen in decades.

But someone has the audacity to insist that the FBI should investigate a meaningless tweet by a sitting member of Congress.

Talk about misguided priorities. Boebert’s tweet was a reference to Joe Biden’s multiple blunders during his remarks about abortion.

An abortion is often referred to as a “termination of pregnancy.” Someone must have conveniently forgotten about that three-word reference.

Boebert blended a sarcastic comment about how the leader of the free world can’t get through a speech without screwing things up.

How many times can Joe Biden get away with reading the instructions off his teleprompter? Each time he does it, Americans see how far cognitively gone this man is.

Joe Biden is on a cognitive slide that is not going to get any better.

Before he further destroys the country, or fumbles his words and gets the U.S. into World War III, it’s time to “terminate the presidency.”

If he was a Republican, Democrats would be screaming to invoke the 25th Amendment. Joe Biden is mentally disabled. It’s obvious.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is correct. It is high time we “terminate this presidency.” If an unborn child presents a dire threat to a mother’s life, “terminating the pregnancy” must be considered. Joe Biden’s failed presidency is killing the “mother country”. It’s time to abort!

Photo Credit: YouTube/WLTX

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