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Las Vegas Student’s Vicious Attack on Classmate Captured On Video [VIDEO]

A horrific video has surfaced that shows a female Las Vegas student brutally punching another girl in the head dozens of times while classmates stand there and laugh. Apparently not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The attacker is seen pouncing on the student as she lifted her hands up to protect herself at the beginning of the incident seen in the video that was filmed in a Las Vegas School classroom. After a while, it looked like the victim stopped doing anything to protect herself, giving off the appearance that she went unconscious as she just remained still with her pummeled head resting on the top of the desk.

An older sounding woman, who in all likelihood is the teacher, tried to intervene by yelling out, “Stop! Stop! Stop! Get off of her!” but the animal continued punching, causing the other students in the room to start laughing.

The video starts as the animal attacked the girl from behind, who was sitting at her desk. At some point, the victim’s head goes flat on the top of her desk and the attacker never stopped wailing on her. Anyone in that situation would know that the person they are punching has given up trying to defend themself and a normal person would have an alarm bell go off in their head telling them that the person is seriously injured. This girl didn’t care.

The attacker should be locked up in a cage with the other animals.


According to KTNV, it’s not clear what injuries the victim suffered or what caused the vicious attack.

Clark County School District police Lt. Bryan Zink told News 3 LV that the attacker has since been charged with battery and could face further charges. I guess they are waiting for more evidence and for the full scope of the victim’s injuries to be revealed.

“We encourage any student who witness crimes like this or who find videos like this to let us or school staff know,” Zink told the news outlet.

In a statement to KTNV, the District said that the “school administration is aware of the matter and is taking this incident seriously.”

“CCSD investigates every reported case of bullying and takes appropriate action if needed. We are unable to discuss individual student disciplinary matters due to privacy laws,” the statement said.

“However, in general, students can face administrative disciplinary action at school or be referred to law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution depending on the severity of the matter,” the CCSD added.

I think this girl needs to go to juvenile hall because the viciousness of her attack shows she is capable of hurting someone else and the lack of empathy for the victim after she gave up trying to protect herself is frightening. Add to that the lack of respect for the teacher, who is the authority figure in the classroom.

According to the outlet, an email went out to the parents about the incident by Las Vegas High School principal Ronnie Guerzon.

“Earlier this week your student may have witnessed an altercation in one of their classes,” Guerzon wrote. “Administration is aware and responding to this matter and it is being addressed through the appropriate channels.”

On Saturday, school board president Irene Cepeda, and superintendent Jesus Jara released statements about the incident.

“The CCSD Board of School Trustees and superintendent take every incident of violence seriously, regardless of who commits the violence,” Cepeda wrote, News 3 reported.

Jara wrote, “Violent acts, assaults, and bullying will not be tolerated in the Clark County School District, and those who choose to engage in these activities will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The district also encouraged “students and members of the community not to share footage of this incident or any other student fights.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ronald E Weber

    February 9, 2022 at 7:26 pm

    Bulling will never stop unless we take action..That means the justice system…

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