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California Politics

LA County to Increase Police Budget By $36 Million After Crime Soars Due To Democrats Defunding Police

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

After the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, the riots began. And though those riots remained about George Floyd in principle in spirit they quickly turned into Marxist events that Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter and anarchist groups like ANTIFA took full advantage of for their causes. The Democrats took advantage of it for their own causes as well. Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste. Throughout the summer of 2020, Democrat governors and especially mayors turned a blind eye to the riots that were ravaging many of their cities. Many of them pushed to defund the police and in some insane decisions to abolish the entire police department and replace it with ridiculous notions like public social workers. They did this mostly out of fear of the Woke Supremacy mob that was ravaging their cities. They didn’t want to get lumped in with police or even with what became known as the systemic white power structure of America. So they bowed down to the demands of the violent mobs, and some cities actually started voting to defund their police departments.

So, progressive politicians followed through with defunding police either in whole or in part. We saw the ramifications of such actions taken by Democrats who cared more about appeasing the mob than protecting the very constituents they were charged with protecting. For example, in New York City they got rid of the NYPD’s Anti-Crime Unit.  That blunder by Mayor Bill de Blasio caused a 205 percent spike in crime in the Big Apple.

Besides New York City and Minneapolis and others, Los Angeles was hit by the cowardice of Democrat leadership that also caved to the violent mobs, and the result was also devastating.

In January and February 2021, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers have responded to 88 percent more reports of shots being fired than at the same time period in 2020. Gunshot victims in LA are up 141 percent versus last year, and homicides are up 39 percent, according to a nonprofit newsgroup called Crosstown, a part of the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. There were 15 hate crimes reported in Los Angeles in 2020, up from seven reported in 2019 an over 100 percent increase, according to the Los Angeles Police Commission.

As is the case in many other Democrat-controlled havens that made the same stupid mistakes to get a handle on the wave of violent crime, on Thursday, the officials in Los Angeles voted to increase police funding. LA’s public transportation agency voted to increase police funding by $36 million. That additional funding will make its way to the LAPD, the Long Beach Police Department, and the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department. This isn’t the best they could do though, as law enforcement agencies originally asked for $111 million in more funding, and we have to believe that the law enforcement officials know more than the city officials what is needed for their people to do the job that needs to be done. It must burn their bagels to have the problems associated with rising crime rates caused by the very same people who are now shortchanging them the money needed to get the job done.

The vote for the extra funding was 12-0, and that included a “yea” vote from the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says the New York Post.

Just nine months ago in June, Garcetti bragged about being committed to not increasing the police budget. I guess the inevitable hadn’t yet hit him square in the face yet of the damage his actions along with the other idiots in charge did to the innocent citizens of Los Angeles.

“We will not be increasing our police budget,” the Democratic mayor proclaimed, adding that the city would be “reinvesting in black communities and communities of color.”

What about white communities? How can Garcetti get away with saying something so racist? All you ever need to do to figure out if something you said was racist is to flip it around. Had Garcetti or any other mayor for that matter said we are “reinvesting in white communities,” can you imagine the uproar that would ensue? And rightfully so. So then why are Democrats allowed to get away with making racist statements like they’re going to reinvest in black and people of color communities?

Democrats now feel that if they pander to black and people of color communities, they will be forgiven for anything they’ve done.

Forgiveness can only happen when the people liable for a tragedy take responsibility. So far I haven’t heard of a single Democrat politician who has owned up to making a serious error in judgment when they took actions that caused crime to skyrocket in their communities.

And how come no one is pointing out that the LA City Council voted in July to cut $150 million from the LAPD budget and yet recently only voted for $36 million in additional funding needed for law enforcement?

And when are these politicians going to apologize to law enforcement, the overwhelming majority of which do their jobs professionally? Defunding them for things that they didn’t do was a complete slap in the face of law enforcement and the rule of law. When are they going to apologize to the victims of crime caused by their reckless decisions to defund the police who are there to protect them? Don’t hold your breath. They are Democrats, and Democrats never admit to any wrongdoing.

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