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Kim Jong-un’s Message for Joe Biden: We Will Bring U.S. ‘to Its Knees’

Joe Biden is not even president yet but already two-bit dictators are drooling at the thought of taking on the Chinese puppet known as Joe Biden.

The first one to speak up is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Speaking at the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim played up the economy and the advancements in missile technology.

He also told them that North Korea will bring the United States to its knees. Biden is already on his knees, paying homage to his Chinese masters. It looks like no one is very scared of Joe Biden. They think he could be mugged by US mail.

They are probably right.

The Hill:

“Our external political activities must focus on our arch-enemy and the fundamental obstacle to our revolutionary development, the United States,” Kim said, according to NBC. “The effort will focus on overpowering and bringing them to their knees,” he added. 

Kim also threatened to expand the country’s nuclear arsenal. 

Kim noted that regardless of who is in the White House, “the true nature of the U.S. and its fundamental policies towards North Korea never change.”

NBC News reports that Kim spoke for 9 hours on Saturday. And this guy has a nuclear arsenal? Yikes.

The Hill:

Kim reportedly listed multiple weapons systems under development, The Associated Press reported, citing KNCA, such as multi-warhead missiles, underwater-launched nuclear missiles and solid-fueled long-range missiles. However, it is unclear how extensive North Korea’s weapons systems are.

We have no idea if North Korea actually does have the advanced missiles they claim to have and just how effective they could be. Kim has a tendency to overstate things from time to time. But, we do know that before Trump, they were test-firing missiles regularly. Kim claims that they will begin test firing the missiles again.


[North Korea expert Ankit] Panda said Kim’s interest in tactical or low-yield nuclear weapons made sense, even though they can be “very inefficient in their use of fissile material,” which isn’t easy for North Korea to get.

“North Korea’s interest in these weapons isn’t surprising from a strategic point of view — in fact, it augments Kim’s preferred nuclear strategy quite well,” said Panda, author of “Kim Jong Un and the Bomb: Survival and Deterrence in North Korea.”

Panda said North Korea likely wants these tactical nuclear weapons to combat a potential conventional domestic invasion. That way, Kim could keep his strategic, longer-range nuclear weapons “for retaliation against the US and civilian centers in Japan and South Korea if the US and allies press on after that initial nuclear use.”

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