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Kevin McCarthy Discusses GOP 2022 Plan – Ignores Election Integrity, Will Not Commit to Impeachment (VIDEO)

The only good thing I can think of to say about Kevin McCarthy is that he isn’t twins. Other than that, he is a total waste of space and is nothing more than a continuance of John Boehner and Paul Ryan, and you know how terrible those two were. McCarthy spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

McCarthy laid out his plans if Republicans take the House, which is the same plans the Democrats plan to make if they retain the House. Make no moves to assure voter integrity and don’t impeach Biden.

Kevin McCarthy: We would make America energy independent, secure our borders, and stop the fentanyl from coming across that is now the number one killer of Americans between ages 18 and 45. Make our streets and schools safe again. Stop this runaway inflation that the Democrats have brought forth in America that we have not seen in 40 years.

Notice, there is not one single thing on that list he can actually accomplish because Biden can veto every single item. He made no mention of voter integrity and he won’t commit to impeaching Biden even though there are more than sufficient grounds for it. He is a closet NeverTrump RINO and he will work with the Democrats long before he will work with Trump. Before you vote in the House primaries, make sure your candidate refuses to vote for McCarthy.

From The Gateway Pundit

McCarthy said nothing about election integrity. He would not commit to the impeachment of Joe Biden but will “look where the evidence leads us.” He said nothing about the DOJ-FBI apparatus that targets Trump and his supporters and sets up ordinary Americans in their evil schemes. He said nothing about the political prisoners held in jail today after attending the J-6 rally. He said nothing about the assault on our freedoms. Nothing on the tech giants and media lies.

This guy will do nothing. It’s clear now. McCarthy comes from the same line as John Boehner and Paul Ryan. The GOP elites will do nothing as the country burns. We all know it.

Tom Fitton said the same thing back in February.

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