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Kenosha Prosecutor Claims Violent Mob Of Rioters That Attacked Kyle Rittenhouse Were “Heroes” [VIDEO]

Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, who has been prosecuting Kyle Rittenhouse is one of the bravest men I have ever seen. Most men would be deathly afraid to make a total fool of themselves but not Binger. He just stands up and embraces his inner clown. He had told the jurors that Rittenhouse gave up his right to self-defense because he had a gun on him. But it was the gun that allowed him to defend himself.

Now, he has told the jury that the thugs that chased Rittenhouse were heroes. That might have been true had Rittenhouse opened fire for no reason but that didn’t happen. He tried to run away to avoid a confrontation. These thugs that chased him forced the confrontation. That was their first mistake and for two of them, it was their last.

The first thug went for Rittenhouse’s gun. The second one clobbered him with a heavy skateboard, a favorite act of antifa. The third one pointed a loaded gun at Rittenhouse. What would you have done differently? Those of you that do not have a death wish I mean. Binger claimed the thugs were heroes for chasing Rittenhouse even though he had a gun. Thugs are not heroes. Had they not chased Rittenhouse, who was not threatening anyone, two of those thugs would be alive today.

According to Binger:

“When is it reasonable for a criminal to shoot himself out of a crime scene? When a bank robber robs a bank – and runs away and the crowd comes after him – can he just shoot anybody and claim self-defense? 

If someone comes up to that person and tries to stop them – tries to disarm them – like Anthony Hueber did. Do they forefit their life? Did Anthony Hueber forfeit his life by trying to be a hero by stopping an active shooter and trying to protect others.

(Rittenhouse was not an active shooter)

Every day we read about heroes that stop active shooters – that’s what was going on here.

That crowd was right – and that crowd was full of heroes – and that crowd did something that honestly I’m not sure if I would have the courage to do.

Don’t sell yourself short, Binger. Any man who will willingly stand up in court and make a total ass of themselves is brave enough to do anything.

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